Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing men with small pony tails, Secret Santa, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas card from LEGO, Christmas preparations and Christmas good deeds. 

Over recent months I have noticed an increase in a fashion trend in mens hair styles and I am bit confused about it all. A lot of guys are having very small ponytails on the top of their heads. I’m not sure what this is for? Is it some charity thing or is it that for some strange reason they think it looks good. Very few men can pull off a ponytail never mind these silly little ponytails. I hope it is a phase that soon disappears but I fear it will be around for a while yet.

This week at work it was the office Secret Santa and this year I was organising it. We only had a small number of people take part this year which was a shame but there were still enough people to take part. I do enjoy Secret Santa but there is an element of fear in receiving a present. Ever since my first Secret Santa back in University where I got a Caprice calendar with 3 months ripped out so it fitted the £5 limit I have been nervous when opening my present. This year though I had nothing to worry about as I received a great gift. It was a Starbucks mug with a Christmas candy cane snapped spoon and coffee. Someone obviously knew me very well so whoever my Secret Santa was thank you very much.

On the same day as Secret Santa it was Christmas Jumper Day. This was an event to raise money of Save The Children. It is always good fun and added to the festive spirit of the day even if the office was 26oC.  What I did find though is that when I was on information desk people seemed nicer because and I think it was because of the jumper. A number of them commented on the jumper and even wished me a Merry Christmas. I’m not sure if it was the festive spirit or that they saw staff as people who care but whatever it was it had some positive effect on them.

I have got most of my Christmas cards done so far and I hope to give them all out soon. If I don’t get to send a card then I will send you a festive message so don’t worry you haven’t been forgotten. I have started receiving cards as well. It is always nice to get cards as they are part of the decorations in my eyes. One card I did receive this week was from the LEGO shop. This is of course a marketing trick but at the same time it is a little worrying that I receive Christmas Card from LEGO. I didn’t think that I bought that much but maybe I’m wrong.

I mentioned last week that I felt quite behind with my Christmas preparations. I still feel that to some extent but I have made some further progress. I still have lots to do though but thankfully I only have 3 more days at work then I’m off until 2nd January so plenty of time to get ready for Christmas. I still have some presents to buy, I need to start wrapping presents, Christmas reading, Christmas baking, watch Christmas movies as well other things not Christmas related. Maybe it is a good think I am not going to a Christmas party this year as I have lots to do.

With lots of stuff still to do for Christmas you would think I have enough to do but I also want to try to do some good deeds for Christmas. It is after all what Christmas is about isn’t it? Doing stuff for others. I am going to try to do some good deeds up to Christmas. I am trying to think of ideas so do let me know if you have any and if you do any good deeds also let me know. I will let you all know how I get on.

Well that is it for this week. I am sorry I still haven’t written up my Geek Box Subscription Review but it will be ready soon I promise. In the meantime enjoy the Christmas festivities this week.

Top Programme of the Week – Strictly Come Dancing

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet

Book I Am Currently Reading – Funny Girl by Nick Hornby