Wow is it only a week since my last blog post? It feel like it has been weeks since I last blogged but it is just 1 week. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you all. I had a nice Christmas but now it is that odd period between Christmas and New Year where all sense of time and dates disappear. Well here is what has been happening in my life in the last seven days.

Probably like most of you at the start of the week I was frantically trying to finish the Christmas preparations. As well as my own preparations I had to help my parents with the Christmas food shop.Unfortunately we weren’t organised enough to book an online delivery slot for Christmas so it meant going to the store itself . This wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be although it was a bit awkward when my mum decided to buy last-minute presents for me while I’m there so I have to pretend I haven’t seen her put it in the trolley. I know I am past the magical Christmas experience  now I’m an adult but still it would be nice to have some surprises. Anyway we did the shop and got home and started to put everything away which was ok although we had some escaping Babybel’s which fell out the fridge and right into the cat’s food so they had to get thrown out. Next year hopefully I will have moved out so won’t need to help my parents with this shop and I will do my own online.

I also got all my presents wrapped on the 23rd December. It was as late as I could leave it as I didn’t want to leave it until the 24th and then realise I had no paper left. I have to admit I hate wrapping presents. I always say I am only buying presents that are square or rectangle but I never actually do that. This years most awkward to wrap was a dressing gown. After wrapping all the presents my room just resembled a disaster zone but with more sparkles and sticky tape. Also once they were all wrapped I then had the dilemma of were to put them so they were out-of-the-way. I don’t have much storage in my room so it is difficult to do. I did manage to hide them with the help of some throws.

As well as all the Christmas preparations my parents had arranged for an upgrade to the BT Vision and Broadband which meant we had an early start on Tuesday when the engineer came to set it up. By early I mean 8:10 am and although that doesn’t sound early it is when you are on holiday. My Dad was dealing with it all so I just decided to hide in the kitchen and make my breakfast. This plan was working fine until my Dad came in and said “he is saying something about accessing wi-fi can you answer him”. I was expecting some complex IT Jargon question when all it was  “will you be using wi-fi?”. I said “yes” we would and the engineer then carried on with what he was doing. Why my Dad didn’t answer this I don’t know. It is not as if we haven’t had this before it was just an upgrade but to him it obviously wasn’t. I then went back to the kitchen and started eating my toast (now cold) and my now luke warm coffee. Thankfully everything is now up and running.

Christmas Eve was quite an enjoyable day as it involved me baking some Christmas cupcakes. It was really nice to do some baking as I haven’t done any for a while. On the evening we watched the highlights from the Kylie concert on TV. It was great to relive the show and really funny to watch my mum’s reaction to the show. She seems to forget that a) I’, 33 and b) I’m gay so would say things such as she is rude or she isn’t wearing much doesn’t matter in that way to me. However the best line she said has to be when Kylie was singing ‘Hand On Your Heart’ and touches a male dancers bum and my Mam shouts at the TV “It’s hand on your heart not your hand on his arse”. Absolutely brilliant line and it made laugh loads.

I had a lovely day on Christmas Day. I got some great presents and it was nice to spend time with family. It is the one day of the year when the TV doesn’t get switched on and it is great not having it on. We just spend the time talking, playing board games, eating and drinking. The day went very quickly though and now seems like a distant blur.

I have already mentioned about the period we are now in between Christmas and New Year. I have post-Christmas blues big time but I am holding it together just. Just like last year my parents are ill again and I find it tough going. I know they can’t help being ill but they worry me so much, being an only child there’s just me to deal with it and I struggle sometimes. I’m 33 but feel like I am older than that and have some how my life has got stuck. Some of this is my fault I know but now I just don’t know what to do to turn things around or get myself out of this ditch. I always feel like this around New Year and wish I had something planned for the evening but I don’t. This isn’t coming out how I wanted it to and maybe it’s because it’s not the place for this so I will just leave it.

Hope you all have a good New Year. I will be posting my usual posts about resolutions and ‘My Year In Lists’ posts this week as well so look out for them.


Top Programme of the Week – Downton Abbey

Top Song of the Week – George Ezra – Budapest

Book I Am Currently Reading – Tales of Brave Adventure by  Enid Blyton