So 12 months have passed since I made my resolutions for 2014. Before I make my resolutions for 2015 I want to say how I did with my 2014 resolutions. 

2014 has been a tough year for me. There have been highs and lows but I think more highs than lows. Out of las years 3 category red resolutions the only one I made some progress on was to get out and have more fun. I made an effort to go  out more and I think I did stick to going out at least one night a month even if on a lot of occasions I did it on my own. I did better with my amber resolutions for 2014. Although I was quite stressed this year I think I may have stressed less than normal but there is still work to do on this. I also did lose weight and got a bit healthier. Hopefully this will continue into 2015. I also did go to more live music events. I went to two concerts which is more than last year. Hopefully I will get to go to more concerts in 2015. My category green resolutions were not very successful. I didn’t start a professional qualification and I didn’t really make as much time for others as I should have. I think I became quite withdrawn from others in 2014 and this needs to change in 2015. So a mixed result with my resolutions from 2014.

What now? Well 2014 is almost over so it is too late to do anything more this year. Instead it is time to look ahead to 2015. So here are my resolutions for 2015. I am sticking with the traffic light coding as I think that helped last year.


Category Red

Get my own place

It hurts putting this at the top of my resolutions again this year but it has to put back on for 2015. I am more than ready for my own place but I need to be in a financially stronger place but there is no reason why that shouldn’t happen in 2015. I know my budget and I know areas I want to move to so that’s a good starting point. I think id I make this happen then it will help many other areas of my life and certainly make me happier than I am now.

In 2014 I didn’t go on a single date. It is my worst year for dating for the last 5 years. I did try online dating but nothing came of it. I have been out on the local gay scene but I found it a bit awkward especially doing it on my own. Dating is tough and the hardest part is making the first move. In 2015 I will try to make more of an effort and actually ask those guys out rather wait until asked. The worst they can say is no and it may be awkward a bit after but surely that isn’t any worse than not saying anything. If anyone is reading this and they want to set me up on a date or even want to ask me out then feel to do it. I hope I can cross this resolution off my list soon.

Have more confidence in myself

I suppose this is a bit of a rewording of last years resolution about being happier with me. It is fair to say that I am my own worst enemy and when I am feeling low I struggle to see my good points. In the last 12 months I have done some good things but still haven’t believed in myself. In 2015 I need to trust myself more and have more confidence in myself and beliefs.

Amber warning

Start a professional qualification

I have moved this resolution from green last year to amber this year. In the last 12 months I had a lot going on at work  and hopefully that will settle a bit more in 2015 and I will be able finally start my professional qualification. Hopefully this will be chartership with CILIP.
Be less anti social – make time for others

This is a reworking of last years green category resolution about making time for others. I 2014 I withdrew from socialising. It was damage limitation for myself. I felt like a wounded animal and it was best to keep myself to myself. It wasn’t what I really wanted but I felt it was needed to be done. I still went out and did stuff but on my own and although isn’t bad I would prefer to do things with friends and family. So in 2015 I need to see if I can get back into the world and be more sociable. Some of those social networks may not be there for me to be part of , or they may not want me back but I need to start joining in more. If people let me that is.

Make a difference – to someone or something

This is about me wanting to help others in some way. I am not a world leader or anyone important but I am sure I can make difference in some way. This could be raising money for charity or supporting someone going through a bad time, helping them develop at work etc. Basically make some time for others and see them grow in some way and for no reward but toes them do well.



It is probably asking too much to have this and moving out as resolutions but it is possible. In 2014 the furthest south from Darlington I travelled was York and the furthest north was Edinburgh. That was as far as I went in 2014. So ideally I would love to travel abroad in 2015 but at the very least I would like to see more of the UK. On my bucket list one of the items was to go to the 4 UK capitals and I have visited London and Edinburgh but have Cardiff and Belfast still to do so maybe I could look at these places as starting points.
Stress less

It might seem strange downgrading this to green this year but I felt some progress even if it was just small was made last year. In 2015 I need to build on my coping strategies and not let things get to me as much. I only get stressed because I care about things but sometimes in the words of Frozen just “Let It Go”.
Write a book

This might seem a bit random but it is on my bucket list to do and I think I would like to do some more writing. I do my blog but that is it. So I will start thinking about writing a book next year. I’m not sure what about yet but I do have some ideas for fiction so may start there. It is always good to have a new hobby.

So there you have it. My New Years Resolutions for 2015. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my life in 2014. It has been a tough year especially for some friends and family but the strength they have shown is a huge inspiration for me. I have also achieved a lot in 2014. If you had said to me 12 months ago that I would in a supervisor role full-time at work, take over the running of the Staff LGBT network at work and learn lines for a Shakespeare role with just 10 days notice I wouldn’t have believed a word of it. So lets see what challenges 2015 has.