Well the Festive period is almost over with now and the resolutions have been made (hopefully not broken yet) and we start to get back into the old routine. I am actually quite glad things are going back to normal. I was back at work on Friday so only a one day week for the first week back. Anyway here is what has been happening in my life over the last seven days.

Last Sunday I was at another festive family get together. By cousin and his family were up visiting so it was chance to see him. I missed him when he as up last time as both my parents were ill so I didn’t get to see him. This time only my mum was ill so she missed out seeing them but at least I got to see him and his family this time. Although I didn’t get to see him the other year we have been chatting online. While we were chatting he asked if I was seeing anyone and I said I wasn’t. He then said I was probably sick of family asking. I told him that since coming out I stopped getting asked that question at family gatherings. He promised to ask the next time we were at a family gathering. So last Sunday went we had a family gathering I was wondering if he would remember from a year ago about asking. It looked like he has  but then not long before I had to leave he asked. I had to answer I wasn’t seeing anyone but it was good to be asked and hopefully show to the rest of the family it’s ok to mention my sexuality if they want to.

It was New Year this week and I had a quiet night in with parents. I find New Year quite depressing as it forces you to look at what you promised a year ago and what you have achieved or in my case not achieved. I suppose on a more positive note a new year means we another chance at things. It is like a computer game where you have to try a few times on a certain level before getting to the next. I have to say that this New Years Eve I didn’t feel like it was special. Other years I always have a little bit of hope and excitement but I didn’t feel it this year.  I hope that 2015 is a great year for everyone and that I finally make some progress with my category red resolutions this year.

The New Year means that I can put my calendar up. I managed not to get one for Christmas this year so I bought myself one. I decided that I would get the Tom Daley calendar this year. I don’t usually get this type of calendar but thought that this year I embrace my sexuality more and have one with a hot guy on. I did think it would be half calendar and half picture but it is a very small calendar and very large pictures. That’s ok but I did feel a little bit dirty putting it up but I realised I was being silly and it is on my wall for all to see.

As expected over the Christmas period I have put on some weight after over indulging. It’s not surprising really as I have eaten more and been less active. So from Monday its back to the routine I had before and hopefully I will lose it soon. Although it isn’t much that I have put on I can feel the difference and I want to lose it as soon as possible.

As I said at the start it is back to the normal routine now. I am done quite a few blog posts in the last week so hope they were interesting for you. I do like doing my various year in review posts especially My Year In Lists. I will still do my weekly posts but will try to do a special monthly post as well so let me know if there any special topics you want me to do as part of the special blog posts. Anyway thanks again for reading and hope 2015 has started off good for you all.

Top Programme of the Week – The Musketeers

Top Song of the Week – Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Book I Am Currently Reading – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler