Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing wanting an image change, new Harper Lee novel, my ongoing suffering of my head cold, Starbucks, Six Nations Rugby and the impending turbulent storm that is Valentines Day. So let’s get started.

I’m not sure whether it is the time of the year or turning 34 but I have been feeling that I need a personal upgrade. First of all I could do with a weekend away and some time to just relax and switch off however I want to save to move out so I can’t do this at the moment. The other thing is that I want a bit of an image overhaul. A few weeks ago I cleared out my wardrobe and got rid of a load of clothes so want to start to improve my clothes. Most of my clothes are work clothes and I haven’t been buying much for myself for non work clothes so I need to upgrade my wardrobe and find my own style again. I have even thought about  having a bit of stubble but not sure I could get away with that. Facial hair drives me mad although I like it on some people. So much to think about and to do.

This week it was announced that Harper Lee is to publish a second novel 50 years after publishing ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. I was shocked when I heard this as like many people I had resigned myself to the fact that she would never write another book. This new book was meant to be published first but her editor asked for changes and from those changes came ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and the original story was forgotten/lost until now. Although this is exciting news for book lovers there is some scepticism and concern about it as some people feel that Harper Lee is being forced to publish this book. Personally I don’t think this is the case and if she could stop it I think she would. Also as a book lover I can’t wait to read the new book as I am really curious about the story and want to know more about Scout.  This was a book that I first read at school and it has stuck with me since then.I have reread it since and it is still a brilliant book. The announcement this week is the literary equivalent of the Kate Bush concerts last year.

Last weekend I thought I was getting over my head cold and then this week it has come back with a vengeance and I have felt terrible most of the week. On Wednesday I really struggled and if I had not had things planned specifically for that day at work I might have had to be off. I wasn’t though and managed to get through the day although I wasn’t at my best. I am hoping that it is going to go soon but at the moment I think it is now turning to an eye infection. Since turning 34 I have been ill constantly. This hasn’t helped with my self-esteem this week.

This week on my morning commute my need for coffee was even greater as I wasn’t feeling great. On one of my visits my favourite barista was on and talking to who I call by bromance rival. He is often in lately chatting to him and when he does it means I get to chat less to him. It’s more a “hi and there you go”. This time though I did get to speak more to him but by joining in the conversation. What I discovered is that my rival has the same views about coffee as me. We both agreed that coffee is needed to make us function a decent human beings. People who know me know this is true about me. If I haven’t had coffee on a morning I am best avoided. The barista seemed to be shocked by this as he thought I was quiet. I’m not sure if he is scared or not now. We did explain to him that we see baristas as offering a vital service to society. Not sure he bought it though.

This weekend saw the return of the Six Nations Ruby tournament. Now I know I am not your typical rugby fan but I do love the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup. I was rubbish at rugby at school (that goes for most sports) mainly because I didn’t like getting muddy which is a bit difficult when you play rugby. I do enjoy watching though and yes some of the rugby players do help with that.

As if February this year could get much worse I have the impending storm that is Valentines Day on the horizon. I do try not to be a killjoy but it does get to me. I know it might be different if I was seeing someone but as I am not then it just sucks no matter how much of a positive spin I try to put on it. The only good thing is at least I am off work and can avoid seeing others all loved up. Better avoid social media that day too come to think of it.

Well that is it for week. Thank you for reading this weeks blog and for the special blog post I did on Thursday for ‘Time To Talk’. I hope to have got rid of this cold by next weekend. Have a good week.

Top Programme of the Week – Wolf Hall

Top Song of the Week – First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

Book I Am Currently Reading – Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall Smith