Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing Valentines Weekend, trying to deal with uncertainty, Australia in Eurovision and why I like Friday 13th. So put down that over priced heart-shaped box of chocolates and settle down and I shall begin.

I have had another busy week this week and if I am honest it has been made more difficult with some personal stuff that is up in the air. I like to have things sorted so if something is going on I like to deal with it and put it in its right box. They say life only throws stuff at you that you can handle. Well at the moment it is bit too far off to see if it has been thrown at me and if it has how much will it hit me. I’ll possibly know more in the coming weeks.

On a lighter note this week the announcement was made that as a one-off Australia will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest. I know that this sounds odd to many of you but actually it isn’t that bizarre. Eurovision is huge in Australia and they have their own phone vote and everything. This year to mark the 60th anniversary of the competition Australia have been invited to take part in the show. They are automatically in the final and if they win this year they are allowed to defend their title  but it will be held in another European city. I now can’t wait for this years Eurovision.

This weeks saw the first Friday 13th of the year. There are only 2 more this year (March and November). Now I am generally a superstitious person, I say hello to magpies, have a good luck charm, don’t walk under ladders etc. However Friday 13th generally doesn’t bother me. I would in fact go as far to say that I am usually luckier on the day than other days. Looking back in the past things have worked out well for me on this day. The sceptics reading this will say that it is because I am more aware of events on this day than any other day and don’t notice the good things on these days. This might be true I don’t know. What I do know is that it doesn’t bother me. This Friday 13th I managed to get 4 seater with table on both my morning and return commute. This is extremely rare. It is tough to have this happen on one journey but on both journeys on the same day is remarkable. I would rather have Friday 13th than Valentines Day any day.

I suppose it is no secret that I dread Valentines Day. I say dread and not hate because it is not that I hate the day it is just that I dread it as I know I will have to grin and bear it while friends receive their over the top gifts. Usually when it falls on a weekend I am quite pleased as it means I avoid seeing it all at work. However now with social media I see more people in relationships post pictures of their Valentine meal and the large over priced bouquets. I am happy for you all honest but it does hurt. If I am ever in a relationship with someone please remind me never to post Valentines Day pictures on social media. Another thing when did one day turn into a whole weekend of celebrations. On Friday I saw lots of people on the train or walking through town clutching bouquets etc and even today I am seeing Valentines related things on social media. I will admit not everyone I know did this and this doesn’t mean they aren’t happy or in love it just means they kept it between themselves and that it what I call romantic. At least it is over with for another year.

Oh just one more thing why would people go to see ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for Valentines Day? You are just setting yourself up for a fall with that one.

Well that is it for week. thank you gain for taking the time to read this weeks blog post. I will be back again next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Banana

Top Song of the Week – Madonna – Joan of Arc

Book I Am Currently Reading – Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas