Hi everyone and welcome once again to my weekly blog post. This week I will be discussing pancakes, commuting observations, and the need for some time to myself.

I have to be honest I am very glad this last week is over with as it has been a struggle both physically and mentally. Last week I mentioned that I thought something was heading my way and I wasn’t sure how much it would hit me. Well it still hasn’t landed yet and I just want it over with. When I’m feeling tired and low my defences are low and anything that happens or is said will get to me and bring me down even more and my warp speed function is not working either. After an extra specially tough day it ended with another blow and I really struggled to hold it together emotionally as I was battling my personal demons again because of it. The next day though I fought through stuff and saw some positives and I just focussed on that. I really need some time for myself but with things so up in the air I have to wait till they settle before I can have some major time for myself. So if you see me around and I am moodier than normal or looking tired or I am quiet, then I am sorry it is nothing personal it is just my way of dealing with stuff. I wish I could be stronger at the moment but as Madonna says “I can’t be a superhero right now”.

Most mornings in the last week I have had to have a last-minute dash to the train station on a morning to make my train. I seem to have timed it so that I am just dashing into the station while the train is arriving in on the platform. I then negotiate my way through the barriers which are often blocked by ‘once a year’ train travellers and then just about make it onto the train where I try to find a seat. It dawned on me that often this journey is a blur and I didn’t really notice much that is going on around me on the train or outside. It is 15 minutes of my life each day I lose and when I realised this it is quite a scary thought. It made think that maybe the others on the train are feeling the same which then led me onto thinking about all the many different stories we all have but are all connected by one journey. Maybe this would a be a good blog post for the future.

This week it was Shrove Tuesday. I haven’t given anything up for Lent this year. Partly because I forgot to decide on something. I did however have pancakes and I forget how good they are. I have mentioned this before in a blog post but if it wasn’t or Shrove Tuesday I would probably never eat a pancake and this would terrible. I bet this is the same for many of you reading this. They are so good although I only do sweet pancakes and not savoury. My topping of choice is vanilla ice-cream and golden syrup. What type of pancake do you prefer?

Well that is it for this week. Sorry it hasn’t been the most upbeat of posts. I’ll try to be more upbeat next week. Have a good week.

Top Programme of the Week – Looking

Top Song of the Week – Avicii – The Nights

Book I Am Currently Reading – Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas