Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the Oscars, feeling too old for the Brit Awards, the East Coast Train network, opticians and family health drama. So with lots to get through let me begin.

First up I just want to say that although I said I was going to be more upbeat this week I can’t promise that this weeks post will be as it has been a tough week regarding family issues so it may not be as upbeat as I would have wanted it to so apologise for that.

First up though is the Oscars which happened last Sunday evening. I didn’t stay up and watch it for 2 reasons 1)I don’t have SKY so couldn’t watch live and b)I had work the next day. However I heard the results the following morning. Although I have yet to see ‘The Theory of Everything’ I was pleased that Eddie Redmayne won best actor as I have loved him in other films and TV shows. Also he seems a genuinely nice guy and his acceptance speech was brilliant. He is like an overenthusiastic puppy and this makes him even more deserving of his award. I was also pleased Julianne Moore won best actress, once again I haven’t s in the film yet but she is one of those actresses that is always mentioned but just misses out so I am glad she has finally been recognised. She finally got her Sandra Bullock moment proving we all get our chance at some point. The award I was surprised about though was best picture going to ‘Birdman’. Now I know there was a lot of early talk that this would get the award but it was starting to look like ‘Boyhood’ was going to get it. I have only seen three of the films nominated for best picture and ‘Birdman’ was one of them but it would not have been my choice from the three that I had seen. Based on the three I had seen I would have said ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ was a better film than ‘Birdman’. However I can see why the Academy voted for it as it would appeal a lot to the film and theatre people. Well done though to all the winners.

While I am on the subject of award ceremonies this week it was the Brit Awards. Now usually I watch the Brit Awards but this year I decided to give it a miss and watch The Comic Relief Great British Bake Off followed by Wolf Hall. That’s right I preferred a TV about cake and a nice period drama other the Brits. Radio 4 is beckoning now I am sure. I do have to admit though I have seen the clip of Madonna falling on stage and I was surprised she was able to carry on after that. That proves she is a professional to do that.

On Friday it was my last train journey on East Coast run trains as it has now been taking over by Virgin and Stagecoach and is now known as Virgin East Coast. What’s the big deal? Well East Coast was in public hands and was running well. Yes there were problems now and again but all rail networks have that and I have to say that East Coast were brilliant for customer service compared to previous private companies that ran the network and failed to deliver. However the current government don’t seem to want to own or be responsible for anything and have privatised as the soonest opportunity. This means Friday was my last day on a public run train. Now Virgin are a good company and have good experience on other train routes so I am sure they will do well but it is sad to see something that was working and proving successful be changed for the sake of change or even worse politics.

On Saturday I had an opticians appointment. I have had a reminder saying I am due an eye test so booked an appointment but this time with Vision Express and not Specsavers after the poor service I had last time. It is an odd experience having an eye test. You basically have some stranger right up to your face looking into your eye. I don’t get that close to friends never mind random strangers but it is what we have to do in an eye test. Anyway I do need a new pair of glasses and apparently the description I have in my current glasses for my right eye is stronger than what I need. The optician rechecked several times that this was the case. This could be that my eyes have improved (this does happen) although as I did have a poor experience at Specsavers last time it is likely they got it wrong. I have to admit I did think that my right eye felt different when I had my glasses on but just thought it was because it was my weaker eye. It appears not to be the case. Anyway I had an expensive Saturday and hopefully should have my new glasses in a few weeks.

For the last few weeks in my blog post in my blog post I have said that I was sure something was heading my way and I wasn’t sure how much it would hit me well it turned out the thing in question didn’t happen but something else did. My dad was waiting for some test results to come backs he hasn’t been well and there was a possibility it could have been bad news. For about three weeks we have all been a bit on edge (yes even more than normal) but have tried to hide it. Well this week he did get the results and it was all clear so that was a relief. However we had all been really worried and my mum is really run down and this with other things meant she has been unwell this week. Instead of improving she got worse and on Saturday night we spent 5 hours in A&E while she had tests etc. She is home now and has medication so hopefully she will improve in the next few days. So it is fair to say it has been a stressful week and I would like a bit of a quieter week this week.

Spending 5 hours in A&E is obviously not pleasant but I did see how amazing the NHS staff are. I knew this anyway as let’s be honest it takes a certain special person to do that type of job and thank goodness there are those people out there. There was queue of 6 patients waiting to be seen and all the rooms were full. The staff were brilliant and were just getting on and doing the job. I have had some stressful days at work and not been as calm as the staff in A&E and their job is literally life and death. The nurse who was looking after my mam was wonderful and I couldn’t fault her in any way and she was working a 12 hour shift. It is too easy for everyone to complain when we have to wait or we think they do something wrong but let’s remember they are just everyday people doing an extraordinary job in difficult circumstances and thank goodness they are there. The NHS may have its problems but the staff are not the problem the politicians are and we should realise we have the best healthcare system in the world and do what we can to keep it this way.

That’s it for this week. thanks for taking the time to read it. Happy St David’s Day to all my Welsh readers.

I’ll be back again next weekend with another blog post.

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