Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It’s a bit of a quick one this week as I have been busy this weekend with Comic Con and rehearsals. I will talk about Comic Con later this coming week but in this weeks post I will talk about new glasses problems , endings, and Cinderella. So let’s get started before the clock stricken midnight .

In last weeks blog post I mentioned that I had finally picked up my new glasses. I thought last weekend they would be ok. They felt odd but put that down to the adjustment to the new frames . At work on Monday though I realised there was more to it . Within 10 minutes at my computer screen I felt dizzy and sick and very disoriented . I had to keep trying though as they are new and this can happen and I wasn’t going to give up straight away.I had foolishly left my old glasses at home so this was also another reason why I had to perceiver. I was so pleased when I got home that night so I could put my old ones on. I kept trying during the week but by Thursday I had to have up as they weren’t getting much better. So I have taken them back and got a refund . That’s all I got mind as they didn’t even say sorry for my experience. So for a company called Vision Express they weren’t great on the Vision and having waited 3 weeks I don’t see them as Express either. Looks like it’s Specsavers again.

This week has seen a lot of endings or announcements of endings. Jeremy Clarkson was dropped from Top Gear, Zayn left One Direction, Dermot O’Leary left X Factor, it was announced Downton Abbey will end at the end of series 6 and one of my colleagues at work retired. I’m not bothered about Clarkson, Zayn, or even Dermot but I am sad about Downton Abbey and sad to see my colleague Viv leave.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post I was at Comic Con today. Now I want to do the event justice so I will do a special review later this coming week about it all. However it did give me the chance of a night away in Newcastle. Due to the early start of the event and the earliest train being 9:45am on a Sunday I decided to have a night in Newcastle. If I’m honest the idea of having a night away was more exciting than Comic Con as I have been feeling the need to have a little break. I didn’t go out partying or anything but I did have some food out and went to the cinema. It was nice to have a mini getaway.

The film I went to see was ‘Cinderella’. Disney seem to be in the mood of remaking their animated films as live action and this is the latest in these offerings. Overall it was OK. It wasn’t anything special and felt it was Disney’s version of Downton Abbey particular with the casting of Lily James (Lady Rose) as Cinderella and Sophie McShera (Daisy) as one of the sisters Disrella. The cast was largely English which made me ask the question was nationality is Cinderella meant to be? The two stand out performances were Cate Blanchett as the Step Mother and Helen Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. Overall I would give the film 2.5/5. The film will do well at cinema mainly due to the animated short at the start which is ‘Frozen Fever’. This was actually quite good too and proved there was still more mileage in the Frozen bandwagon yet.

So with the chimes of midnight nearing I had better dash just like Cinderella. I will write-up my review of Comic Con this week for you all and I will have my usual weekly blog post next weekend.

Thanks again for reading and for all the love y comments I received about the special post I did this week.


Top Programme of the Week – Poldark

Top Song of the Week – Mark Ronson [fest Bruno Mars) Uptown Funk

Book I Am Currently Reading – Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas