Happy Easter! I hope you haven’t eaten all your chocolate eggs just yet. In this weeks blog post I will be discussing wanting a change, the Leader Debate, InspirApril and Wicked the Musical. So let’s get started.

I am not sure if it is the start of a new month, the start of Spring or something else but I have been feeling the need for a bit of change or more a shake up. Basically I need a personal spring clean. I am letting things drive a bit and I want to take back some control and try to break some routines. It might not be possible to stop some things at the moment but at least I am ready to when the time is right.

I also want to make more of an effort with my appearance. I am not too much of a scruff bag but feel I am missing the mark. I either seem to dress to old for age or too young. I see other professionals who just have their own style and I need to fine tune mine a bit more. I also need to sort out what is going on with my hair. I know it is hard to do much with it and it is receding quicker than a river in drought but I need more doing with it. The way my hairdresser is cutting it is just manageable for me and it makes me look a lot older than I am. I am not ready to make the plunge to shave it yet but I want to something modern doing with it. All this has come about after looking at the photos from Comic Con last week. I look terrible in them and I want to start having a bit more style so that I can stop feeling bad when I look at pictures of myself.

On TV this week it was the Leaders Debate. Now I love politics I know that sounds dull but it does interest me. Election night will be really exciting. Honestly it is. If you have never watched an election count or result you need to and you will then understand. Back to the Leaders debate though. It was very interesting to see the seven leaders all stood there answering questions and responding to each others comments. What surprised me was the leader who stood out as the strongest for me was Nicola Sturgeon. Now I disagree with some of her policies but she came across as a strong leader and that is what the show was partly about. I was also impressed with Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) as a leader and she stood up well to the others particularly Farage who kept interrupting her. Did it change who I want to run the country well the thing is I am still unsure. My heart and head says Labour but Ed Miliband makes me cringe so much. He comes across so false even when he is being true. I can’t imagine the horror of 5 years of another Tory Government but that is much better than the scary thought of UKIP doing well. That party genuinely scares me and I would worry for my safety. Surely no decent human being would believe that this party is decent. Who ever you vote for I don’t mind but just don’t use the vote on UKIP. The election is still a long way off and lots can happen in that time but the debate was a good way for the ordinary person to look at the main parties out there.

This month I have decided to take part in the Instagram challenge InspirApril. Each day there is a different theme and you have to upload a picture connected with that theme. 1521653_10153230045992028_2653570635900549222_nYou check all mine out so far on my Instagram page . I decided to do it because I thought it would be fun and also I have a few friends who are also taking part so it is interesting to see their pictures as well. It is also another way for me to try to use my Instagram page a bit more. I started using it last year and I enjoy it but want to be a bit more creative with it and this challenge is one way to do that.

Yesterday I went see Wicked the Musical at Sunderland Empire. This was a Christmas present from my parents. I have seen the show before but it was back in 2008 in London and the show is a favourite of mine so this was a great opportunity to see it again. I had a brilliant time and it was possibly even better than when I saw it in London. It was still as fresh as ever and I never get tired of the songs. It was a great start to my Easter break as I am off work for a week and Wicked was a nice way to kick this off. It was also nice to be back in Sunderland. It is where I went to university and although I had some bad times there I do have some good memories and I always will have a soft spot for the city.

I hope to have a nice relaxing week off and also that I get a chance to finish the book I have been reading, write my Comic con blog post, and to catch up on some TV shows and films that I have got to watch. That and eating my Easter Egg of course.

Well that is it for this week I will be back again next weekend and hopefully have my Comic Con blog post done during the week as well. So until next time it is bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – The Leaders Debate

Top Song of the Week – I Want to Break Free – Queen

Book I Am Currently Reading – Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas