Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing what I have been up to on my week off, rediscovering old texts and Facebook messages, and what has been on my mind recently. So let’s get started.

I have been off work this week on annual leave and I have been looking forward to this for a while. I think I needed some time to switch off both mentally and physically. I had hoped it would be chance for me to catch up on some reading, films, TV etc and I got some of this done but not that much. I finally finished reading Barracuda which I did enjoy but it was hard work. I also caught up with my iTunes films which meant that I watched Fury and Paddington this week. Both were good but I preferred Paddington. I haven’t caught up with TV shows yet. I still have A Season and a half of Once Upon A Time and House of Cards to watch as well as all of Daredevil to watch. On top of this I have a huge pile of DVD’s to watch as well. Who would have thought trying to watch TV and films would be so hard work.

As well trying to watch various films and shows I also made a second attempt at new glasses. I have gone back to Specsavers and had an eye test there to compare with Vision Express. They said after testing my eyes that the prescription from Vision Express was not totally correct. He said there was a change in my right eye but not as big a drop as they had said but there was a change in my left eye which according to Vision Express was still the same. Anyway I have ordered some new glasses and they should be ready middle of this week (not three weeks like Vision Express) and I should be label to pick them up on Saturday. They are also a lot cheaper overall. Fingers crossed they will be OK when I collect them. I will of course keep you up to date in cute posts.

When I left Specsavers I was feeling good and the sun was shining. All seemed perfect and then I feel something fall from the sky and hit my arm/shoulder. I look down and notice some bird poo (fairly certain it was pigeon) on my arm. Yuck! Still it;s only small amount so I can go to a toilet and clean up. Then I suddenly see that it isn’t just on my arm it is right across my t-shirt. It’s a warm day so I don’t have a coat and I am in the middle of town. This is going to take more than a quick trip to the toilet to sort out. I am trying not to freak out but my hygiene obsession is about to explode. My options are to go to a toilet and minimise the damage however I don’t want to be seen by too many people, the other option is I take my top off which is not a good idea and the last option is to go home and change. I phoned home to ask for a lift home and my Dad picks me up and I go home and out my top in the wash and have a nice shower. People say it is lucky if a bird poo’s on you but it’s a lie. It is just a way to try make you feel better but it doesn’t. It has only happened to me three times in my life. The first was in Disney World, the second was on my way home from work and this week was my third. I reckon the pigeon must work for Vision Express and wanted revenge.

This week hasn’t all been all about rest and relaxation. On Wednesday night I wasn’t well. Don’t worry I won’t go into the details. As a result I only managed a few hours sleep and this combined with feeling sick meant I felt dreadful. I was thankful that I wasn’t at work because I certainly wouldn’t have made it in. I think most of it was tiredness and I just laid about all day and didn’t even leave the house (which is very unlike me). Thankfully after a good nights rest I was OK the following morning but I felt I had wasted a day and my plan of rest and relaxation had taken a setback.

I had hoped that by today I would be feeling energised and refreshed and ready to get back into the daily routine but I don’t. I certainly feel more refreshed than I did before my week off but I still don’t have that extra lift that I hoped I would. The time off has allowed me to think about my personal life and I have realised that all though there are some good things in it there are lots of empty spaces that need to be filled. I need to get my life a bit more balanced and find more time for me and the things I want and need to do. I am letting some things be distractions and although they are ok to be in my life they can’t distract me from bigger things. I said at the start of the year that this year was to be about me and particularly on my personal life and for whatever  reason I am not doing this. I think I good sit down with myself and answer some questions that I have been putting off.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you again for reading and I will be back again next week with another blog post.


Top Programme of the Week – Poldark

Top Song of the Week – Years & Years – King

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Traitor’s Mark by D.K. Wilson