Hi everyone and welcome this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing my new glasses, the sunny weather, Avengers Age of Ultron, InspirApril and relationships. So let’s get started.

First of all an update on my new glasses. Regular readers will know that I have had problems with glasses that I got from Vision Express and that last weekend I got some replacement glasses from Specsavers. I said I would let you know how they have been this week. Thankfully they have been great and I am really liking them which is good. Hopefully this means they are OK now and should last until my next eye test in 2 years.

This week the weather has been lovely and I have been sitting out most lunchtime at work. It means I haven’t had walks but still it was nice to relax in the sun for a bit. It makes a big difference when it is sunny as you feel a lot happier. Hopefully the good weather will continue although the forecast doesn’t look good.

On Saturday I went to see the new Avengers movie. I really liked the first Avengers film so I was looking forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film was good but it was a bit too long and at times slow. I know that this is because the film is part of a bigger timeline so it had to include lots of new characters as well as answer equations from previous Marvel films and set up the scene/situation for future films. It did this but it meant that the plot was too complex. I also think the villain Ultron wasn’t as evil as Loki in the previous film. On the plus side there was a lot of eye candy particularly Thor, Quick Silver and my favourite Avenger Captain America. As a Marvel fan I did enjoy it but I think I expected too much from it and it didn’t quite deliver. I would give it 3/5.

This week I have been continuing with my InspirApril challenge on Instagram. I am really still enjoying it and it is making me be more creative on Instagram which is something that I wanted to do. One of the themes this week was ‘Freedom’ and I used a picture from Durham Pride last year. This is because I am so lucky to live in a country where I can be myself and open about my sexuality without fear. This was brought home to me when I watched Reggie Yates’s Extreme Russia. I knew it was tough in Russia for Gay people but this documentary showed what it was like and it really scared me. I knew Russia wasn’t on my list of places to visit due to safety reasons but it reminded me how lucky I am to live in the UK. Hopefully things won’t take backwards steps in the UK and it will continue to be a safe place.

As well as feeling thankful that I live in a country where I can be myself I have also been thinking about my future and possible relationships. This week a friend of mine celebrated their anniversary and on the same day someone else I know got engaged. Both were brilliant to hear but they got me thinking about my future. I am going to make more of an effort on the dating front. I know living in a small town makes it harder to meet someone but the chances are there is someone out there for me. The thing is if I don’t get myself out they won’t know I’m here so I need to do more of this. I suppose part of me is hoping for the easy option and that someone asks me but that hasn’t worked so far so I need to do the asking. I have had enough rejections to know how to deal with them. Normally when I think about relationships and my future it brings me down but for some reason this week I felt positive about it. So let’s hope this new attitude of mine stays with me and that one day I can have my own engagement and anniversary to shout about and I can be someones very own sidekick/super hero.

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for reading. I will be back again next week with another weekly blog post.

Top Programme of the Week – Reggie Yates’s Extreme Russia

Top Song of the Week – John Legend – All Of Me

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Traitor’s Mark by D.K. Wilson