Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. Sorry it is late but I have been busy having a clear out of some stuff which took longer than I thought, well it is a Bank Holiday Weekend. Anyway here it is and this week I will be discussing how I have been feeling, Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Car Man’, the end of InspirApril and the upcoming election. As this is already late I had better get a move on.

This week I went to the theatre (third time in a month) . This time it was to see Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Car Man’. Over recent years I have seen a number of Matthew Bourne’s productions. Up until this week Cinderella was my favourite but after seeing ‘The Car Man’ I think it is now ‘The Car Man’. It is a reimagining of Bizet’s Carmen and is set in a town called Harmony and is centred around a garage. It wasn’t you conventional ballet/dance show and that’s what I liked about it. This was certainly the most raunchy show by Matthew Bourne that I have seen as there was a lot of sex and even some full frontal nudity but hey I’m not complaining. One theme that is in most of Matthew Bourne’s shows is that there are suavely some gay characters. In this production that is more apparent than other shows. For a gay man like myself I think it is great to see this in shows. However not everyone shares this view and the women in front of me certainly felt uncomfortable/disapproved of many sexual scenes between the gay male characters. Part of me wanted to lean over and say just get over it but I didn’t as it their opinion and they are entitled to it. Still it was sad to see this reaction from some audience members. This behaviour just reminds me that although gay rights have come along way especially in recent years there is still some way to go to change attitudes totally. If the show wasn’t enough we also saw the man himself Matthew Bourne. He was watching the show from one of the boxes but was in the stalls during the interval. Me and my friends were so excited to see him as the man is a genius and it was a privilege to be in the same room as him.

As it was the end of April this week it meant that it was also the end of the InspirApril challenge on Instagram. It was a shame that it had finished but it was fun to do even if at times it was tough to pick something for the theme.  What I liked about the challenge is that it made me look at my life and see positives there. It did also highlight areas of my life that I need to do more with. It was also an opportunity to do more with Instagram as it was something I only did occasionally. I think I need to try to post more on Instagram.

We are fast approaching the General Election and it is looking like it is to be another coalition. I hope it isn’t as I don’t think a coalition works and more importantly I am concerned about which parties would be involved in a coalition. The party I fear is UKIP. They genuinely scare me and if they were involved in a coalition and influence in Government decisions I would fear for my safety (they are not LGBT friendly should we say) and I have never felt that way before about a party during an election. I know I have said it before but I don’t mind who you vote for as long as it isn’t UKIP. They don’t even represent the UK as they are anti Scotland and would break up the Union faster than the SNP would. I know it is difficult trying to decide who to vote for as none of the leaders inspire confidence and you probably can’t agree totally with just one party. What you have to do though is ask yourself what areas are important to you? For me these areas are the NHS, Local services, Education and yes their stance on LGBT issues is a factor.  Once you have done this then look at each party’s policies to see which you fit best. Sadly no one party ticks all the boxes so it won’t be 100% but pick one that is closest to your beliefs. I hope this helps and remember this is your chance to have a say.  Hopefully in a weeks time it will all be sorted but I fear it will only be the beginning.

Having a night out at the theatre was good this week as it allowed me to have some time with friends and relax. I haven’t done this for a long time. I know I have been to the theatre a lot lately but is the going out with mates bit that I haven’t done that much. Lately I have been feeling that all areas of my life have been pulling me in different directions at the same time and this is tiring me out. I feel as if I am doing lots of work but not actually getting any where in certain aspects of my life. Some of this is my own fault  and shouldn’t have taken on so much (I never learn) but at least some of these things won’t last much longer. Part of me wants to sit and make sense of everything but then another part of me is thinking that if I do that then I met feel worse. Maybe I do need to sit and sort stuff out though. Just as the General Election is decision time for the public to decide about their future I need my own ‘election day’ and vote for what matters to me in my life. I think this will be harder to decide on that the actual General Election. One of the worse things about feeling this way is not only do I feel tired and fed up but I also worry that I am letting others down as well as I might not be as on the ball as I normally am. I suppose for the time being I have to keep running with stuff and hope it all sorts itself out.

Top Programme of the Week – Game of Thrones

Top Song of the Week – Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Traitor’s Mark by D.K. Wilson