Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. Well what a week we have all had. Although it was a short one due to the bank holiday it has felt long but at the same time it has gone quickly. This week I will be discussing the General Election, childhood memories, Spooks:The Greater Good and ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’. Well with all this to discuss I had better get started.

Ok let’s get the politics over with at the start. The General Election result was a shock to everyone and I have mixed feelings about the result. I am not pleased that the Conservatives have won with a majority but I am glad that there is no coalition as I am not sure how well that worked. I agree the Lib Dems probably did keep the Conservatives from going too far on some issues but I still think it is better for one party to win outright as you judge them on what they do. In a coalition is not always clear who is to blame. I did expect the Lib Dems to do badly but not as badly as they have done. I know they lost some seats to the SNP but the tactics that Conservatives used against the Lib Dems was just nasty especially when they made sure Nick Clegg kept his seat but made sure his key colleagues lost their seats. That is just plain nasty. I know Nick Clegg messed up five years ago with the tuition fees pledge but I do feel sorry for him. I think he was a genuine guy and tried to do his best for the country. Let the way the Lib Dems have been treated by the Conservatives be a warning to any party that thinks about working closely with the Conservatives. Then there is the question of what happened to the Labour Party. It is fair to say there are many issues. The first is that when it came to it people did not trust them on the economy because of when they were last in Government. Whether they were totally to blame on this I am not sure as other factors were involved. The thing is we want someone to blame and they were in power at the time. The other problem Labour had been that I think Ed Miliband had the wrong advisors around him. They seemed to bothered with media headlines and social media and forgot to focus on key messages. There were too many gimmicks such as the pledges carved into stone, the interview with Russell Brand etc. Another problem was the fear of a Coalition with the SNP. Although Labour denied this would happen many people didn’t believe this and thought it would happen and were worried about the Union. The sad fact is that the Union is probably at more risk now than it would have been if Labour had gone into Coalition with the SNP. This brings me to the biggest problem the Labour Party had and that is Ed himself. He just wasn’t Prime Minister material was he? So many people I know said the same to me. “I want to vote Labour but there is the problem of Ed”. I know in a General Election you should vote on your local candidate and not on the Party Leader but the reality is people do. As much as many people don’t like The Conservatives they do think David Cameron is good as Prime Minister and there were no other leaders who were better. The fact is we now have a Conservative Government for 5 years and I am nervous about hat this means. I am gravely concerned for the NHS, local government funding, the future of the United Kingdom  and worry we will leave the EU. I fear we are about to see how scary the Conservatives really are now there is no Nick Clegg to make them stop and think.

OK thats it with politics for a while. On Monday it was a Bank Holiday and I had planned for an easy relaxing day.  It turned out to be the case but I did spend some time helping my Mam sort some old photo’s out. It was nice spending some time with her looking back at the past. I do worry about both my parents as they are not spring chickens and they are finding things hard. They both haven’t had the best of lives and I wish I could do something for them. Over the last couple of years I felt like this more and more and at times it just gets too much for me. It’s the curse of the only child and I see it happen with my cousin too. Anyway it is best to enjoy the good times we have. While helping her I came across some old photo’s of me as little boy. One of them was of me with Nanna. It was of Nanna Buckle and the more I looked at the photo the more emotional I got (and I don’t just mean the fact I was wearing white socks with sandals). I was suddenly transported back in time to the time of the photo and I realised I had forgotten her a bit and this upset me. I was always closer to my other Nanna but loved Nanna Buckle just as much. Although the photo brought back happy memories it also brought a lot of guilt with it. The biggest bit of guilt is that I have never been to visit her grave well not since the funeral. I have on the other hand been to my Nanna’s and often visit there. I think I need to do something about this sometime soon. At least finding this photo has made think of her a lot more.

This week on TV I watched a documentary called ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’. It was a about a guy called Jonny Benjamin who in 2008 who went to Waterloo Bridge with the intent of killing himself but was stopped by a stranger who stopped to talk to him and listen to him. This person saved his life but Jonny never got the chance to thank him so started a campaign called #FindMike. The documentary followed Jonny’s journey to find Mike. The documentary was emotional but at the same time uplifting. It got me thinking about my daily commute and routine. It passes in a blur and I don’t take in others around me. We forget when we travel particularly on a regular journey such as to work that we are surrounded by other people who have things going on in their lives. Most of the time they don’t show it but the chances are at some point they might and I ask the question “what would you do?” I would like to think I would stop and make time for them but I can’t be sure until it happens. What I found shocking in the film were the large number of people who had genuinely stopped people jumping off that bridge. It is so sad to think that people felt that it was the only option they had. What the documentary also made me think about was mental health in this country particularly men’s mental health. in this country we grow up thinking men are not to show emotion as it is a sign of weakness. This is wrong anyone should feel like they can talk about what is going on in their heads. Is  someone has a mental health problem then they are fighting themselves and that is a tough opponent as they know your weakness’. I have talked about this before on my blog and I will continue to do so as I feel it is important to talk about it with others. I am glad Jonny found Mike (real name Neil) in the end to say thank you. Let’s hope we are never in the situation where we have to act like Neil but if we do then I hope we all follow Neil’s example and try to help.

Finally this week I will discuss the film ‘Spooks: the Greater Good’. I only heard about this film a few weeks ago and was very excited as I was/still am a fan of the TV show. Sadly the show ended in 2011 and I thought that was the end but no they have made movie and on Saturday I went to see it. I was worried it wouldn’t be the same but I was wrong it was just as good as the TV show. It did work as a stand alone film so it doesn’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the TV show but if you have you will get the little touches and understanding some characters more. My verdict is 4/5. If you loved the show you will like it.

Well that is it for this week. This coming week will see the 5th anniversary of this blog. I am amazed it has kept going so long. Thanks for reading this weeks post and all the others. I hope to write a special anniversary post this week so let me know what posts you have liked or didn’t etc.


Top Programme of the Week – The Stranger on the Bridge

Top Song of the Week – Mumford & Sons  – Believe

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Traitor’s Mark by D.K. Wilson