Today my blog is 5 years old . When I started it back then I didn’t know how long I would keep it going I just did it as I thought it would be good to do. I remember asking myself what if I don’t know what to say, or I’m too boring etc. Well I obviously have found things to talk about as here I am 5 years later. So to celebrate this milestone I thought would write about my thoughts on my blog such as why I started, what I liked and what the future holds.

Why I Started

When I had decided to do my blog it was because I had a lot going on in my head back in 2010 and needed to empty something’s out. I was about to turn 30, I was trying to deal with my sexuality, basically without sounding to cliché I was trying to find me. Maybe I should have just and had a good chat with friends but I realised that the person I needed to have the biggest conversation with was myself. I struggle taking to people directly or asking for a chat so I thought this would be the best way to do it. I could have done it the old-fashioned way and kept a private journal which I have done in the past but it was 2010 and blogging seemed the best way to do it.

Before starting my blog I didn’t really have much experience with blogs. I read the occasional post but was never a big follower of any. So starting this blog post I was flying blind. Since starting though I have started reading many other blogs on a regular basis and provide links to some of my favourites on my blog.

People Reading It
I know it sounds odd but I didn’t expect people to read it. It was very much about wanting to do it for myself it just happened it would be in a public way. I didn’t expect it to be read around the world (at the time of writing it has been viewed in 99 different countries and it has had a total of 24,549 views). The most views that I have had in one day is 179 views and that was in 2013. It is an odd feeling knowing that many people have read it and in most cases don’t know me but I suppose if they are regular readers they know more about me than I think.

My Thoughts On Blogging
I have said it before but I am surprised how much I like blogging and it has become part of my life and weekly routine. I said one of the reasons why I started it was to sort things out in my head and I do feel like it has.It has helped me a lot to be me and improved my life because of it. I think it has helped some people who know me as well because some things maybe make more sense to them now.6046349308_3fb0fe8ef1_m
I would like to think it has helped and inspired others but not big-headed enough to think it has been significant in their lives. It’s nothing special it just be rambling on a weekly basis.
One thing that did surprise me was how emotional I get sometimes when writing some blog posts. Certain blog posts were tough to write and often I was sobbing while typing. Although you would think this would/should have put me off it hasn’t. In fact it helped me release some of the pressure that I had at the time of writing.

Because I decided quite early on that I would be as open and honest as I could be I did have some concerns. The biggest  was that if people read it would they think less of me. Maybe it would affect other things such as work, friendships and relationships. Would it be worth being open and honest? Well I generally it has been good and most concerns don’t seem to have materialised.
I do wonder if family read it. Sometimes I think they have because of certain things they say but I have never discussed it with them. I suppose I don’t mind them knowing and often family members don’t talk to me that often so maybe it would be an easy way for them to know how I am feeling.

Advice for other bloggers/new bloggers
When I started blogging I did look up articles/blogs about how to do a good blog post. Five years on I think it is only fair that I share my tips for blogging.

1)Pick a topic and run with it. Some time you will have lots to say other times it will be quiet. but stick the topic/style you have chosen.
2) Post regularly – try to have a set day to post (mine is Sunday). Having a regular publishing day helps with readership and I find it is good to have a deadline. If you miss the deadline though don’t worry do it as soon as you can to the date. You are allowed a life outside the blog you know.

3) Be honest – The more honest and open you are the more people seem interested and is a way of picking up regular readers. 

4)Make notes on a regular basis – there is nothing harder than when you come to write a blog post and you have no notes to start from. I make a note of things that have happened during the week as they occur. Sometime they all make it in the blog sometimes only some do. If I leave something out one week I try to mention it the following week

5) Use good tags – If people are going to discover your blog then you need to use tags effectively. Use popular terms and try to have no more than 10 per post.

My Blogging Future

I am going to stick with it and hopefully be still doing it in another 5 years time. I will also try to continue to do a special post once a month as I find this quite interesting to do. Maybe I should do more about dating as that seems to be popular with readers.

It would be nice to blog for a website/magazine occasionally. I don’t know how to get involved with this but if anyone out there is reading it and thinks I could contribute to their website/blog/magazine then get in touch. Maybe that dream of being a trendy thirtysomething professional blogger meeting like-minded people over coffee can still be realised.

I might even try some sort of blogging challenge such as a blog a day for month or something. Any ideas are welcome.


My Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts
1) Never trust a hug it’s just a way to hind your face – Dr Who
2) Book review: Fifty Shades of Grey (may contain spoilers)
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4) Perils of gay dating
5) My Bucket list

My Highlights From The Last Five Years

Over the last five years I have shared some many great moments in my life such as going to the Edinburgh Festival, Turning 30 (more significant than great), Running the Great North Run, Came  Out, Went to my first Music Festival, joined an amateur dramatics group, got a promotion at work, attended my first Pride, lost weight and saw Kylie in concert. Not bad for 5 years work really.

Before I finish this post I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. It means a lot you took some time to read it. Finally thank you to my blog as it has been the best listener I have ever had.