Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. To describe the last week as a bad week is a major understatement. So much so I am not sure how much of it I am ready to talk about but I will see as I write this blog post how I feel. So here goes.

The week started badly on the Sunday when I took my watch into town to get a new battery at H Samuel’s. It should have been a quick job but for some reason unknown to me they thought it would be easier if they took the strap off to take out the battery. If they had asked me I would have reminded them that the last time the strap was taking off it had to be sent to Paris to be repaired. Only after they had taken the strap off and then tried to put it back on for an hour did they appear to manage to put it back on. However on my way home the strap fell off and I then had to go back into town to tell them to repair it. They said they would speak to another colleague during the week and then get back to me if they had to send it off to be fixed. By Wednesday I hadn’t heard so phoned them to be told they were just going to phone me and that they were sending my watch off to be fixed. I hope they get it fixed soon as it is weird not having a watch on.

The second thing that went wrong this week was on Monday morning as part of my commute to work. I was dashing to the train as usual and only just made the train. I found a seat and tried to get my breath back and compose myself. I put my train pass on my knee along with my iPod. The train pulled into the station and I got up and left the train. As I stepped off the train I went to get my train pass from my pocket and couldn’t find. It then dawned on me it must have fallen on the floor on the train. I still had my iPod as that was connected to the headphones in my ear but I had no pass. I quickly turned around just as the doors were shutting and the train was to depart. Panic now set in what was I going to do. I couldn’t afford a new pass and how was I going to get through the barriers on this platform. Thankfully the barriers were down so I was able to go through. I went to the ticket office and told them and they told me to speak to the platform office. I did this and they very kindly phoned the train to see if a member of staff could check my seat. The train though was due to pull into Newcastle and they were changing staff but would pass the message on. I was advised to phone back at lunch time. After a nervous morning I did  and heard the dreaded words the train staff had not phoned back so it was unlikely to be found. They said to speak to Darlington station incase it was found as that’s where it was issued from. I said I would but in my heart knew the reality was it was probably in Aberdeen now. I bought a single ticket home that night and went to the station to see what I had to do. Thankfully instead of paying another £138 I only had to pay for a new photo card £10 and a £10 admin fee. I had to get new photos which were £5. This was a lot better than what I was expecting to pay so it turned out OK. They even refunded me my single ticket from that night which i certainly didn’t expect. So thank you to the staff of Virgin East Coast at Darlington and Durham for your help.

They say bad things come in threes and the third thing this week is bad. I have decided I am not going to talk about it in detail here. All I will say is that my Dad found out he is seriously ill this week. As you can imagine it has come as great shock to the family and we are just trying to deal with it as best we can. That’s all I want to say on the matter for now. All I will ask is that you just carry on as normal as I am not ready to talk about it or deal with any sympathy. I don’t mean to be rude honestly I don’t but my life is pretty crazy at the moment and all my energy is going into attempting to keep it together as best I can. This might be the wrong way to deal with it or maybe it isn’t but it is how I have chosen to deal with it so please respect that. I know that I have amazing friends and family and that if you are reading this I know I can talk to you and I will I promise, just not now so please carry on as normal.

Four years ago on the 15th May I dug deep to find the strength to be myself and came out to my parents. It is a weird coincidence that 4 years later I need to find that strength again but for a different reason. Knowing that I have been through that and what support I have in my life makes me think that I can somehow find a way to cope with this new challenge.

Sorry to end this blog post on a low. When I am ready to talk more I will.

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Tom Lister (Emmerdale)

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Top Song of the Week – Ed Sheeran – Nina

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