Sorry for the lateness of this weeks blog post. In this weeks blog I will be discussing my dad, Glee, friends and rehearsals. So let’s get started.

We are still waiting to hear about my Dad’s illness. We discovered this week there seems to have been a failure in communication between the two hospitals. It is difficult to know who is telling the truth between them. Today we did hear from James Cook Hospital and we are going to get to speak to a specialist nurse and a consultant so at last things seem to be moving. Thank you to everyone who has listened to me talk about all of this it does help and each time I do talk about it to someone it gets a bit easier to say. It’s all about small steps forward. It is still tough for us all but despite not knowing much more this week I felt more positive than I have done.

I have had another busy week. As well all the family stuff going on work is still busy and I am busy 3 nights a week with rehearsals. When I am not at rehearsal I am also trying to learn my lines. I wish my head was clearer so they would stick a bit better than they are but I can only do so much. The production of Merry Wives of Windsor is 2nd-5th July so in less than a month that show will be over so I will have some more free time. It is great to be involved in the show and see everyone again. I just hope it is as good as the previous shows we have done. It will be great to see people come along.

Although I have had little chance to just stop and relax I have made time to see friends where I can. On Saturday night I met up with some former Hospital Radio colleagues. It is great we keep in touch and it was a good night out. I was certainly ready for it. As well as organised meet ups it is always good when you bump into a friend and that happened on Sunday with another friend. It is like the universe is saying to me I have amazing people in my life and I have not to forget that. Once the play is over I should have some more free time so I promise I will make an effort to get in touch and see friends.

In the last week I have decided to reacquaint myself with Glee. Regular readers will know I loved the show but when SKY bought the rights it became difficult to watch the show. I managed to get as far as part of season 4 but that was it. Now that the show is finishing with season 6 and this is now available on NOW TV I am desperately trying to catch up so I can watch the final season as it has started to be shown on NOW TV.  I have finished season 4 and will be starting season 5 this week. I know it is just a TV show but I do find that it always manages to touch a nerve. When I watched the first 2 seasons it was when I was coming to terms with my sexuality and that was a big topic on the show then and it did help me deal with it. This time in season 4 (spoiler alert) it deals with Kurt and his Dad who is diagnosed with Cancer. It always seems to know what is going on in my life and therefore makes me address the issue instead of running away from it. I am enjoying watching it again and I feel I need to see it through to the end. Not because I want it over and done with but because I have invested a lot of time and money into watching the show and it is only fair I see it to the end.

That is it for this week. Thanks again for reading and I will be back again next week to do it all over again.

Top Programme of the Week – The Game

Top Song of the Week – Florence & The Machine – What Kind of Man

Book I Am Currently Reading – Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch