Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I am taking some time out from going through my lines to do this weeks blog post. This I will be talking about Starbucks, mid-week burnout, family stuff, the countdown to the play and Pride. So let’s get started.

I am so glad the last seven days are over as it has been a tough week. It is getting nearer to the play (this time next week it will be over) add-on worries over parents, work and any attempt to find time for me has taken its toll. On Tuesday evening and into Wednesday I felt dreadful. I felt sleepy, sick and was very moody (yes more than normal). I wondered if it was a virus but then realised I have felt this way before and it is burnout. I realised I needed to take a break from stuff and just relax and more start eating well and getting some sleep. It did mean I had to not go to a social event which I felt dreadful about but I had no alternative. It seemed to do the trick and I feel a lot better than I did earlier in the week. I was so focussed on remembering lines and making up time at work for the time off I have had for the play and my Dad that I forgot that I needed to take a bit slower and that rest and sleep are just as important in helping me with the play and my Dad as anything else. I really need some time off and get away for a few days but I can’t plan anything until after the play and once I know when my Dad will start treatment. So to anyone who saw me this week and I was a bit stressed and ranting I do apologise it was just a tough week nothing personal.

As I have been so tired this week my morning coffee on the way to work has been vital to keeping me going through the day. On Wednesday morning while I was feeling dreadful I called in for my morning coffee as normal. The barista who was on was quiet and she apologised for this as she said she was having fake contractions. I didn’t know this was a thing and I said I hoped it was just fake. She said it was and carried on making my coffee. She hasn’t been in since and I don;t know if this is just a rota thing or she actually had the baby but I don’t feel I can ask. I will just have to see what happens this week.

As I mentioned a bit earlier I have family stuff on my mind at the moment. Obviously I am worried about my Dad but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I should know what we have to do with regards treatment. He has to go and have a camera down tomorrow and he will be having a general anesthetic. I am sure it will be fine but it is still a worry. At least I am only at work a half day as I have to have time off for dress rehearsal on the evening. As well as my Dad I am worried about my mam as well. She isn’t in the best of health and this week I saw them both for the first time as the elderly parents they are. It is tough to accept but you just have to and get on with each day.

The first performance of the play is only a few days a way and it is really stressing me out. I’m sure it will be fine but I wish I was in a better frame of mind as I would be feeling a lot happier about it all. What has been good is to hear from friends and family saying they are planning on coming to the show. It really means a lot when people come to see me as I know they have lots going on in their own lives so if you do come along I want to say thank you so much it means a lot.

Finally this weekend it was Pride in London and I have loved reading all the social media posts about the event although it did make me want to be there. Maybe one year I will go. I would love to make a whole weekend of it and maybe go with some friends. when I have been to Durham Pride I have gone on my own and maybe I need to open the invite up to friends as well. It is the Newcastle pride in a few weeks time maybe that would be a good opportunity.

That’s it for this week. I will try to do a post next weekend but it is likely to be the Monday so just keep your eyes posted. Hope to see you at the play.


Top Programme of the Week – Glee

Top Song of the Week – Katie Melua – I Will Be There

Book I Am Currently Reading – Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch