Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks delayed blog post. This is due to me being busy with the play and this is the first opportunity I have had to do the update. This week I will be discussing the play, thunderstorm and wishing I had more time. with this in mind let’s get started.

It has been a very frantic week.The first performance of the play was Thursday so I have been totally preoccupied with that. Monday and Tuesday were dress rehearsals and then Thursday -Sunday were due to be performances. Unfortunately due to the weather on Thursday the show had to be cancelled that night but we were able to go ahead with the other 3 performances. I’ll discuss the show later but I thought it was worth explaining now why I have been so busy.

The weather has been crazy this week and we have had a number of thunder storms. I do love a good thunder-storm preferably from the safety of being inside. There was a really bad storm on Wednesday while I was at work. So much so that it knocked the computers off so while they were restarting we watched the storm. It was a very violent storm and although it was bad we seemed to get away with it better than some. The stormy weather has continued on and off over the last few days and nights. I hope it goes soon and that we start to have some nice sunny weather for a change.

Right on to the play. It is fir to say that it took up most of my time last week. It started with the 2 dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday. It is fair to say Monday’s dress rehearsal wasn’t as good as it could have been and I certainly felt aMerry Wives of Windsor bit deflated then. However we all came back the next night and did a great dress rehearsal. This made me feel a bit more confident about the show. We had a night off on Wednesday and the first show was due on Thursday evening. Sadly the weather didn’t play it’s part well and we had to cancel the first show due to heavy rain. It was so disappointing as we were all there and the set was up but there was no way we could have performed in that weather and it certainly wouldn’t have been fair on the audience. The night wasn’t totally wasted though as we used the time for another line rehearsal. This was great as we were just sat in a circle relaxed saying our lines. It really helped us all see the play in a lot more detail. during rehearsals we didn’t see it all in one go for various reasons but this way gave us a chance to listen to everyone’s lines. I realised then we were ready as a team to do the show and  could;t wait to get started on Friday.

So Friday which was due to be our second show became opening night. After the disappointment of the night before we all seemed eager to get the performance under way. The who went really well which I pleased about not only because I wanted to it to be right but because my parents and friends were in the audience that night. Normally this would have made me nervous but it didn’t seem to bother me that night. Saturday also went well although I did forget a line in the opening scene. Still overall it seemed to go well. Sunday was good too but I did fluff a few lines which annoyed me but hopefully it wasn’t too bad.

Although it is a lot of work I do enjoy performing and I notice that I m much more confident ‘on stage’ than I was when I first started 3 years ago. The thing I enjoy the most is hearing feedback from audience members. Friends and family are usually kind anyway but when I receive feedback from someone I don’t know it means a lot. After the show had finished a number of audience members saw me and stopped me to say ‘well done’ and thanked me and the rest of the cast for putting the show on. I thanked them for the kind words and for coming as the audience are important to any show.

I have realised I didn’t mention much about what my part was in ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’. I was playing Sir Hugh Evans who is a Welsh Parson. This posed the challenge of the Welsh accent. Last year for Under Milk Wood I did have to do a Welsh accent so I had attempted it before. I dread doing accents especially after the disaster of my Irish accent for my G.C.S.E Drama exam. Still I gave it ago and it can’t have been too bad. I even had audience members and some cast members ask if I was Welsh. I’ll take that as a compliment on my accent.

Apart from the accent there were two other parts of the show I was dreading. They were singing and latin. This production of ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ was set in the 1970’s. In Act 3, Scene 1 I am waiting to have a duel with Dr Caius and to help with my nerves I am meant to sing. It was decided that I should sing Tom Jones ‘It’s not Unusual’. I am not a singer and that is not me being modest it is fact. It took a long time during rehearsals to pluck up the courage to do it but I did. It wasn’t great but at least I got some laughs out of it in the show. The other scene I dreaded and had nightmares about was Act 4, Scene 1 where I have to give a Latin lesson to William Page. I really struggled with this. I have never studied Latin so struggled with pronunciation and remembering the words and phrases and the meanings. So much so that I only got it right for the first time during dress rehearsal. Tom who played William was great and he helped me out a lot and this made me work hard at it as I didn’t want to let him down as it was his big scene.

Now that is it for this years Shakespeare production. It is always sad to finish production even though it has meant a lot of work and stress it is still sad to put it to bed. I want to ay a big thank you to all my fellow cast members. You are super talented and it is a privilege to work with you. Thanks to Jo and Alice for putting the show together and lastly thank you to everyone who came to see it. It meant a lot that people took time out of their busy lives to support local theatre.

Well that is it for this week. Normal service should resume this weekend with regards blog posts.


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Top Song of the Week – Smash Cast – Under Pressure

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