Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing parents and technology, latest on Dad, work trip to York and plans for this year.

Now that Merry Wives of Windsor is over it has meant that I have had a bit more of a relaxed week. It is sad that it is over but at the same time it is nice to have one less thing going on in my head and I can start reading for pleasure again. I had Monday off work as I knew I would need a rest day after the play so I used a day’s holiday. It turned out to be good planning as my Dad’s hospital appointment which was due Wednesday got moved to Monday late on the Friday before so it was lucky I was off to go with him to the hospital. So far things are as good as they can be with my Dad. All being well he will have surgery first and we are just waiting for a date for this. We have been told it will be sooner rather than later so we will just have to wait and see. So we know a bit more now about things and that they are still up in the air and it is hard to plan for anything. Hopefully once we have a date I can start planning things including a bit of a holiday.

While on the subject of parents this week reminded me that parents and technology don’t mix well. On Wednesday morning I noticed an e-mail from NOW TV saying I have a free day pass to Sky /sports for the start of the Ashes. I’m not a cricket fan (this has brought much disappointment to my family) but my Dad is. The problem was I only found this out just before leaving the house for work so I wrote a not trying to explain how he could watch it on either the laptop or my iPad. I realised after leaving the house that the note would have just confused matters so I thought I would phone on my morning break at work. I did this (once I managed to get signal). My suspicions were right he didn’t understand my note so I tried to talk him through it for the laptop. It became clear this wasn’t working so then thought my iPad would be simpler to use as he just needed to click  on the app. The problem with this was that my Dad had never used an iPad before. He hasn’t even used an iPhone before so although it should have been simple to open the app it wasn’t. It appeared the app needed to be closed and reopened so I tried to explain how to do this over the phone. “Just double press the round button and then swipe up”. As soon as I said this and then repeated several times but a bit louder I realised it wasn’t going to work. I looked at my watch and I had to go so I said I would phone back at lunch. I cam off the phone moaning the words ‘parents and technology grr’. I did phone back at lunch and I went through the instructions for the laptop again and then I heard the sound of the cricket commentary in the background. I had managed to do it and all was well with the world, except wasting my break and most of my lunch for it. He did appreciate it and I even paid for the rest of the week for him to watch it.

On Friday I had  a work meeting in York. I always have mixed feelings about these type of meetings. They are great and really useful and a good opportunity to meet fellow professionals but I worry I will do something to embarrass myself. Usually there is a networking lunch and this is a skill I have been trying to improve on. Talking, listening and trying to eat without being rude or socially awkward is difficult. I think I managed it partly down to the fact I picked food that wasn’t sloppy. Sandwiches were safe bets.  The meeting was good and it was nice to see some familiar face from previous meetings and have a catch up with them. When the meeting finished I had a little bit of time before my train home. It had been a year since l was last in York (for the same meeting) so it was nice to see part of the city again albeit briefly. It made think that I need to visit York more often and maybe I could even have a few days there for a short break. I have often dismissed York for a short break as it is close to home but I have had nights away in Newcastle for fewer reasons so why not. I will have to think about it when I know what is happening with Dad.

Yesterday I posted my mid year review (thanks for the lovely comments) and it has got me thinking about what I want to do with the rest of the year. As I said at the end of the post a lot depends on what happens with my Dad but I shouldn’t let this stop me doing things or writing the year off. Today I went for a walk to clear my head and to think about stuff. It sort of helped but also threw up more questions. My first priority is of course my Dad and supporting my mum but there are some things I can still do. Moving out is unlikely for now (unless I get a small lottery win) but I can work on writing my book, look into starting chartership and my online dating is still active for another 3 months so you never know. I will try to get a few days away at some point just to rest as I know I need it. Yes I could use that money to move out but also my wellbeing need to be looked after as well.

As well as looking at the rest of the year I have started thinking about my next steps. I have fallen into a routine and although routines are good they sometimes need a shakeup. I have that gut feeling that something is to change and I can’t figure out what but change could be coming.Maybe it is just tiredness but this feeling isn’t usually that wrong.

Right I am off now to try to get the book I have been reading finished as the new Harper Lee is out this week and I am eager to read it. So until next time bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – Glee

Top Song of the Week – Jack Savoretti – Written in Scars

Book I Am Currently Reading – Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch