Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. Hopefully it will be a bit more cheerful than last weeks. This week I will be discussing a scrum of a commute, my thoughts on the Labour Leadership campaign.

First of all though I want to give a bit of an update on how I am feeling. Last weeks blog post was a bit heavy going and I was in two minds last week to do it all but I did as I had to try to talk about it in someway. Did it help? Yes and no. It helped as it got me talking to people about how I was feeling and allowed me to explain to people who had been around me that week why I was behaving the way I was. Thank you to everyone for putting up with it all and if any offence was caused then I assure that wasn’t my attention.

This week has still been tough but more manageable. Probably because I managed to sleep a bit better this week. Sleep often helps when it comes to stress and feeling low doesn’t it. Things are still uncertain (including some new things which I could do without but might be nothing anyway) and I still feel as if things are falling around me and that something will break but I just have to get on with it. There is still no sign of getting a few days away yet. I did look around but everything is expensive due to the school holidays. After the school holidays though might be when my Dad has the operation so that is looking bad for a break as well. I just have to hope I can find sometime soon.

Anyway moving on to other things. I had a bit of a bizarre start to the week on Monday’s morning commute. I got my usual train and got on the same carriage that I always do. I noticed the carriage was full but it was a Monday and the first day of the school holidays so put it down to that. As I tried to walk down the carriage I noticed lots of big rugby players in their kit. The carriage was hard to move down so I just sat on the first available seat. I normally keep trying to find a seat to myself as I prefer the space on a morning but I could tell it was to be too much effort today. As I sat down I realised I was surrounded my the rugby team and their coaching staff. It is fair to say I have had worse commutes. It was a professional team from Yorkshire according to their kit.I just sat there listening my iPod and took in the scenery. If someone was trying to cheer me up on Monday it certainly helped. Maybe with the upcoming Rugby World Cup this might be a regular sight on my morning commute.

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk in the media bout the Labour Leadership Contest. I am not a member of the Labour Party (I was for about year back in 2010) so I don’t get a vote in the leadership ballot but I thought I would still say what my opinion is. If I am honest none of the candidates are suitable and the contest is taking far too long. The Lib Dems have already chosen their new leader (not keen on the choice though) and are now focussed on trying to get back in the game. Labour should never have left such a long time to elect a leader as we need strong opposition in Parliament now. If I am to believe the media and the polls then Jeremy Corbyn is going to walk it. The same person who struggled to get MP’s to nominate him and he only managed it due to a social media campaign. I think it is good that he is a candidate but if Labour want to win the next General Election they won’t with him as leader. I know we don’t vote for a Prime Minister we vote for a Party but let’s be honest the leader of the party is a factor for many people and does affect the way people vote. Labour did badly in the last election for many reasons such they weren’t trusted on the economy, they were out of touch with the ordinary voter, people believed the scare mongering my the Tory press that they would do a deal with the SNP and of course the other problem was Ed Miliband wasn’t PM material. I didn’t want a Conservative Government but   David Cameron is a better choice than Ed Miliband and others agreed. Jeremy Corbyn is old school Labour. This is not a bad thing and it is important that some of the beliefs of Party from old Labour should still exist however it makes the party unelectable across the country. Yes Labour will strengthen their seats in the North and maybe even gain in Wales and Scotland but from the Midlands down they would get very few seats. That might sound defeatist but be honest it is true. Jeremy Corbyn will be brilliant as an opposition leader and would make it difficult for the Government but that’s as much as he would do and we would have the conservative in power for another five years. All the polls and news coverage about Corbyn being on course to win are mainly discussed in Conservative supporting media. The Conservatives want Corbyn to win because they are looking long-term and see they will benefit from it. Also if most MP’s didn’t want to nominate him how would they work for him in Parliament.

Ok so if not Corbyn then who. The next popular choice is Andy Burnham. He has crossover appeal between old and new Labour and has experience from being in Cabinet.  Yvette Cooper is another strong candidate but I am surprised at how quiet she seems in the campaign. Also her husband Ed Balls could be a sticking point. Then there is a Liz Kendall. Some people think she is in the wrong party. I think this is harsh and it is very clear she is passionate about Labour but I think she would divide opinion just like Corbyn. I think if I had a choice it would be Andy Burnham. As I am not a member of the Labour Party it doesn’t matter what I think it is all down to the members. I hope none of the candidates pull out though as they all want the leadership so should stay the course but I have a feeling they won’t all be there by the time of the ballot.

Sorry for the politics but it is something that interests me. I hope to have my review of ‘Go Set A Watchman’ done this week as I have finally finished reading it. Thanks again for everything and I will be back next week.


Top Programme of the Week – Glee

Top Song of the Week – Giorgio Moroder (feat. Kylie Minogue) – Right Here, Right Now

Book I Am Currently Reading – Life After Lifer by Kate Atkinson