In this weeks blog post I will be discussing moving on from July, Inside Out (the Disney Pixar movie not the bad club in Darlington, and unacceptable behaviour on trains.

First things first I am know I said I was going to blog my review of ‘Go Set A Watchman’ but I still haven’t got round to it yet. I will try harder this week to do it. I always struggle to write book reviews which is why my attempt at a book blog never really took off. I think it might be that once I have read a book I move on, I don’t linger about and a book review makes you go back or linger a bit more.  I will do it though so bear with me. For all you book bloggers out there I have big respect for you all. If you are interested in book blogs though I highly recommend  Savage Reads as this is the type of book blogger I wish I was.

Overall it hasn’t been too bad a week as weeks go lately. I did have a bizarre and slightly unnerving experience/observation on my morning commute on Monday morning though. Sadly it wasn’t a rugby team this week. It was a lot quieter than normal as I took my seat and listened to my iPod and blocking out the world around me. I often glance around at the passengers. Some of them are regulars and I have my own names for them and I do get curious about what goes on in their lives but it is all a great mystery. On Monday morning when I glanced around I noticed some regulars and then someone caught my eye (not like that). It was a woman who was struggling to open her new razor. In a different setting this would have not caught my eye but on a train it did. It made me ask myself “are razors permitted on trains?” you wouldn’t be allowed on a plane with one but then I suppose you are as the rules are different. I then asked myself “why is opening it now?”. Nobody shaves there legs on the train which at this point made me a little nervous. I suddenly realised she had noticed me looking so I attempted to look away without looking suspicious but failing epic style. That’s I thought if she is going to auto attack anyone it’s me now. I waited a few minutes then look around again and was horrified to see her shaving her legs on the train. The one thing I really didn’t expect her to do was the most obvious. I looked away in disgust. After almost 10 years of this morning commute (yes it only 6 weeks until 10 years of me starting this job) I am still surprised at the unacceptable behaviour of some train travellers. I thought maybe it was just me thinking it was unacceptable but having mentioned it on Facebook it appears my disgust is shared my many others. What do you think?

We are now into August and I have never been so thrilled to move on from a month as I have with July. It hasn’t been the best month o the year and looking back so much happened in the month that it just felt like it was going on forever. I have decided though I need to start getting my life back on track this month. I need to get back to my healthy eating and fitness levels that achieved last year. I braved the scales for the first time since April this year. I was pleasantly surprised as although I have put weight on it wasn’t as much as I had expected and looking back to this time last year I am only 3lbs more and still a long way off early 2014 when I was at my biggest. So it back to smaller portions and less snacks and try to be a bit more active again. It worked last year so should be achievable again this year. Fitness is just one area I need to put back on track. I need to rebuild the bridges to the islands of friendship, family, work and love life. I also need to work on moving out.

Most other aspects (or islands as I will call them from now on after seeing Inside Out) of my life are still a bit shaky. Someone them will sort out themselves and settle down I just have to wait while others need some effort on my behalf. Things relating to my Dad’s illness are one of the areas up in the air. We still have no date for an operation so I am still not planning any time off yet as I need to keep my holiday for when he goes in and comes out. I still hope to have some days away but until I have dates to work with I am not planning anything. It is a difficult situation as I know I need some time away to rest and relax and to do this I need to book in advance as it cheaper but at the same time I don’t know what is going to happen with my Dad. I know even if he got dates it could change but at least we all would have something to work with. My mam had a few days away at her cousins this week and it seemed to do her some good. I need the same thing but the difference is I need time on my own. I nearly booked a night away last-minute for last Friday but everything was so expensive. I know I need the time but I also want to pick a time where it will be cheaper and I can make the most of the time rather than doing it for the sake of it.

Although I haven’t managed to get some time away I did go to the Metro Centre on Saturday for a day of shopping and cinema. I didn’t really buy much but it was nice day. I treated myself to lunch (I had a craving for Pizza Express) and went the cinema to see ‘Inside Out’. This is the latest Disney Pixar movie about emotions. Knowing the way I have been feeling I wasn’t sure if this was the best choice of movie but I did want to see it. As it is Pixar you get a high quality and intelligent animated film. I’m not sure how much young children would understand/get from the film but as an adult it was really clever, funny and emotional although not as emotional as you would expect from a film about emotions. I would give the film 4/5. It was a really nice day and helped a little in recharging me.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for reading and I hope to have my review done this week.

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Book I Am Currently Reading – Life After Lifer by Kate Atkinson