Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing feeling under the weather, a farewell to Glee, and the Labour Party Leadership Contest. So let’s get started.

I haven’t been myself this week and this is mainly in the form of the bad relationship that I have with my sinuses. Due to heating/air condition issues at work early this week my sinuses have been causing me trouble all week and I had a couple of very bad nights sleep. Because of the lack of sleep I haven’t been my best but thought I was getting on on ok. It turned out I wasn’t coming across that way and  a few people were concerned about me. It was nice that they care but in truth this week even with sinus issues has been a better week than recent weeks but must have hidden it better. I’m not saying everything is great it’s not and I am worried about my Dad. Although I am fairly certain it is sinus issues and not a cold I am still trying to isolate myself from my parents at home as I don’t want my Dad to be ill and have his operation delayed or for anything to cause problems. I know he could get something from anywhere but if I am a risk I want limit the chances. I don’t want to be responsible for any delays or problems. His operation is due a week on Tuesday so fingers crossed everything goes ahead and is ok.

This week saw the end of Glee on TV in the UK. I have had an odd relationship with Glee since it was first shown on TV in the UK in January 2010. The first 2 seasons were on E4 so I was able to watch them easy enough and quickly got hooked on the show even though I wasn’t sure I would like the show. I watched it every week, bought the music, the DVD’s and even went to see the cast in concert in Manchester. The show was not only entertaining but it also answered many questions for me and  was one of the things that made me finally come out. Whatever was going on in my life when I watched an episode there would be something similar happening in an episode of Glee and it helped. Sounds silly I know but when you put the music to one side there was a serious side to the show. When SKY bought the rights to the show it meant I had to wait for the DVD box sets so over recent years I fell behind in the show. This year that changed as I have NOW TV and realised I could catch up on previous seasons and watch the final season this year. This week was the last ever episode and it was nice to finally find out what happened to the characters. They probably should have finished with season 5 but these things happen. The last episode didn’t disappoint and I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear or too. It is rare for a TV show to have had such an impact on me as Glee did and for that I am thankful for the show.

A few weeks ago I discussed the Labour Party Leadership Contest and thought that would be it but after this week I feel I need to discuss it again and clarify somethings. If the media and polls are to be correct then Jeremy Corbyn is on course to become the next leader. The outside becomes the front-runner and no vote has been made yet. The first members/affiliates to receive their votes will be long-standing members and they should be reaching them from Monday. More recent members/supporters will receive them over the next few days and weeks once membership has been checked. There has been a huge rush of applications to be a member/supporter to the Labour Party and if I believe the media then it is all Corbyn supporters and others trying to sabotage the vote. I doubt it is as extreme as that. Yes there are supporters of Corbyn joining, and maybe some who just want to cause trouble, but there is also likely to be supporters of the other candidates as well. The Liberal Democrats also saw a huge surge in support in the build up to their leadership contest although there was not the same publicity around that. I think it is great that the leadership contest is engaging people from all parts of the Party and bringing new people to the party. It is a good thing and is what should be happening but on one condition – they are genuine supporters. I don’t mind how they vote in the leadership contest as long as they are a Labour supporter. On social media this week I have seen so many people say they joined Labour to vote for Corbyn and only 6 months ago they joined the Green Party or the SNP and were passionate about these Parties. I find this sudden and frequent switching uncomfortable and worry that they are joining because it and hate myself for saying it ‘trendy’ to do. I know many of the people may feel that Labour ignored them in the past and only now do they see the Party as an option because of Corbyn. He isn’t leader yet and whenever you join any Political Party it should be because you support the Party as a whole and not one person. Since the age of 16 I was supporting the Labour Party as I was out delivering leaflets for local and General Elections with my Dad. Since then I have knocked on doors to get support and even stood outside someones house saving their parking space while they went and voted. I did all of this and I wasn’t even a member. I was actively encouraged to join but always said no. After Ed Miliband got elected I changed my mind and did join but I didn’t stick with it and left a year later. I deeply regretted this particular during the General Election this year. When it comes down to it I’m a Labour supporter.I always have and don’t see any other alternative option so I have rejoined this week. I was in two minds to do so but it is a crucial time for the Party and I can’t walk away when I see it in trouble. For me personally Corbyn isn’t the right choice as a leader. I agree with a lot of the things he says and can see the appeal but he hasn’t got the experience to the lead the Party into Government and that is what concerns me. Just being a nice bloke who is genuine and passion about what he believes is not enough to give him th top job. If you apply for a job you would be expected to get it based on skills and experience and not just because you are a decent person. This is a job application and therefore should be treated as one. He has no ministerial experience, he has not been part of the Shadow Cabinet. For me any candidate for leader has to be thinking about becoming Prime Minister and ministerial or cabinet/shadow cabinet experience is required to have an understanding of how Government works. Another key area is teamwork. This applies to all the candidates because whoever wins has a task to reunite the Party. Most Labour MP’s are reflective of the middle and right of the Party so a a leader supportive of the Left would have a big challenge to bring all sides together as would some one on the right. That’s why a candidate from the centre ground such as Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper would be a better option. They would have to reach out to both sides of the party and include them but this task is more achievable. Also Jeremy Corbyn is unlikely to be Prime Minister. Yes some polls have him popular with the public but 6 months ago the same polls had Nigel Farage just as popular and 5 years ago Nick Clegg was the golden boy proving a lot can happen in 5 years and most bandwagon don’t last that long. If I get my voting papers I am still undecided who my first choice will be. What I do say though is as you have to rate your preferences in order I ask you all to use all preferences. Rate each candidate. If Corbyn is your first choice then fine but put a second, third and fourth choice as well don’t just put Corbyn.  None of the candidates should be ignored as they put themselves forward and you have a duty as a member to acknowledge that. If Corbyn wins I won’t leave the Party this time as realise Labour is the Party I will continue to support. I realise now that if I want to make a difference to the Party and get them re-elected then I have to stay with them all the way whoever the captain is. How many of these ‘new supporters’ will do the same I am not sure.

Sorry for getting political gain but it has been on my mind this week and I just had to have my say. I am likely to have my say again over the next few weeks and when the result is announced.

Top Programme of the Week – Glee

Top Song of the Week – Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream

Book I Am Currently Reading – Life After Lifer by Kate Atkinson