Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. There is no politics this week so for the non politics readers you will be pleased to know this. This week I will be discussing haircut and Dad’s operation.

I have a week off work this week as my Dad is meant to have surgery this week. This is now looking unlikely to happen (more on that later) so this coming week is very much up in the air at the moment. Because I am off this week it meant I had a lot to get done last week at work. This has meant I have been quite tired as I have spent most of it trying to finish things off. The week has gone fast though which I am not sure is a good thing or not.

Yesterday I went to the hairdressers. The Saturday before was my main appointment and after I left I wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t that much shorter and I had a dilemma. The hairdresser is normally really good so I never had a problem but when I got home I wasn’t happy so wasn’t sure what to do. Do I phone up and ask him to make it shorter or go elsewhere or just keep quiet and wait until next appointment in 5/6 weeks time. I phoned up and asked could I go back and they said yes so I went back on Saturday. I felt nervous going back because I should have said something at the time. The problem is I don’t have my glasses on when they cut my hair so I am blind as a bat. Then there is another test the outside test. We all know that you get a good idea of how long your hair is when you are outside. I realised after I left it wasn’t short enough but it was late in the day anyway and he was full up. He was fine about it when I went yesterday and didn’t even charge for the trim although I offered. I feel going back to him was the best option as it would have been more offensive if I went somewhere else then went back for my normal appointment as he would know. Has this happened to you before? Let me know if it has.

At the start of the blog I said my Dad is due to have his operation on Tuesday. This is now looking very unlikely due to my dad getting cold and it going onto his chest. I was greeted with this on Friday night and I was gutted. My mam hasn’t been well either so it has been a tough weekend but also an indication of how things will be over the coming months. I feel bad about my Dad getting cold as I think it was me who gave him it. Despite my best efforts at quarantining myself last weekend it appears he had picked it up from me. Now it has gone onto his chest and this makes surgery very unlikely on Tuesday. We phoned up today but as the NHS don’t have full service on a Sunday we were told they couldn’t answer anything and we had to speak to our GP today or just phone the hospital as expected tomorrow. GP’s don’t work Sundays so that was pointless so we just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow but I am not expecting it to go ahead as things stand.

I am a mix of emotions about this. I want him to have the operation but only if it is safe to do. I am worried about him having the operation anyway but I know it is the best option for him. The hospital have said in the past that if it has to delayed by 4 or 5 weeks then it won;t make much difference to the stage of the cancer but it is still a worry for us all. At the same time it is going to be tough mentally to wait for a new date and go through the stress of waiting all over again. Sorry to all friends and family who have been putting up with the stress we have been going through especially my work colleagues. I am off this week anyway so whatever happens I will be around at home. It isn’t a week I would have picked but at the same time I also know I need some time off so it is probably the universe telling me I need the time now. If the operation is delayed then I will try to do something else this week.

So it could be an interesting week this week coming. I will speak to you all next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Pippin – No Time At All

Book I Am Currently Reading – Life After Lifer by Kate Atkinson