Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing going back to work, family, change in seasons, a nightmare of a commute home and Pride in the Park. So let’s get started.

So after my week and a day off it was back to work this week. It was a shorter week than normal due to the Bank Holiday but it didn’t make much difference it still felt a busy week. It is odd how you can switch off when on holiday but as you are on the train hurtling towards work it all starts coming back to you about what you need to do and that is just the things you know about. Still it was good to be back at work and see everyone and switch off from the stuff going on at home. It was also good to chat to some friends and colleagues this week. The best support anyone can have is to be able talk about things. I know I talk about things on here but face to face I don’t always have those conversations, I don’t feel comfortable saying I need a chat just say everything is OK. My parents are getting better but my mum still isn’t back to her usual self. Hopefully she will soon.

It was the start of September this week and with me going back to work this week I had that back to school feeling you get in September. I bought some new pens, changed some of the pictures on my desk and it was even cold enough for my autumn/winter coat. I had even looked for a new pencil-case but pencil cases are not as good as they used to be. Going back to the coat it is difficult to pick the right coat especially at this time of year. I leave for work early on a morning so it is always a gamble on which coat to pick.Sometimes I get it right but other times I get it wrong. I don’t have a coat that is perfect for all weathers and looks good.

Autumn is certainly in the air. The leaves are starting to change colour and fall, nights are getting darker and there is chill in the air as well. I know we haven’t had much of a summer but I am glad autumn is coming as it is my favourite season. Another sign that autumn is arriving is the start of the Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice Latte StarbucksUsually there is a lot of advertising when it starts but I only just so happened to notice it on the board on Tuesday. It is my favourite drink at Starbucks and reminds me of the first time I had it which was in Florida 10 years ago. It is autumn in a cup. It really is worth trying. It also means that the Christmas drinks won’t be far away.

Now September has started I have seen early signs of Christmas. Boxes of sweets and biscuits are appearing in shops, I have seen cards and wrapping paper, mince pies, calendars and even an advent calendar. It is scary to think Christmas is starting to appear and does get me thinking about Christmas this year. Hopefully my Dad will have had his operation by then but it will mean it will a bit different for us this year. My parents both keep saying it is cancelled this year but I can’t have that. We need to still celebrate the day anyway it is still months away so let’s see what happens.

On Friday it was Force Friday and the first wave of merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. I have so far resisted purchasing anything but I know it is only a matter of time before I buy the action figures to go with my originals and prequel figures. Have you purchased anything yet?

At the start of the week I was thinking it was quite nice to be back in the routine of my commute to work. On Friday night though I soon forgot this. There had been an incident at Darlington on the railway so when I got to Durham station to go home I found a very overcrowded platform. I was told there were no trains running at all and they were trying to get buses but so far were unsuccessful in making this happen. I grabbed a coffee and waited around. At about 6:30pm nothing had happened and a member of staff on the platform said nothing was going to happen with the trains or buses for an hour and half at least and advised we went away and came back. Normally I wouldn’t leave as things do improve sooner than they say but this time it felt different so I went and got some food as it was obvious I wasn’t going to get home for a while. So after a quick Nando’s I went back to the station and found it empty and the platform was now closed. I asked for an update at the ticket office and they said that despite thinking no buses would come there had been some. I asked if there were any more due and he couldn’t answer. He tried to find out but he couldn’t say for sure. He advised I got a bus from the bus station and I would be able claim it back. So I headed off to the bus station. The next bus was at 8:15pm and would take about an hour. Still I needed to get home so I got the bus. It was a long journey but at least I got chance to read and listen to my iPod. I finally got home at 9:30pm. This was 3 and half hours later than normal. I was just glad it was a Friday night as I wouldn’t have wanted to go to work the next day.  Hopefully I will be able to claim my train journey and bus ticket back although on the phone Virgin East Coast were saying they don’t usually refund bus tickets. Well I will see what happens.

What really annoyed me the most about the train delay was it was caused by vandalism at Darlington station. This is just one of many things recently that have made ashamed of my town. A week ago there was an arson attack on my doctor’s surgery which means it is now closed and we will have to go elsewhere in the meantime, then there is the vandalism at the station and it is sad to see my home town being run down and given a bad name.

However today changed some of that. It was Pride in the Park and it was the first outdoor Pride event in Darlington. Pride in the Park DarlingtonUsually Pride in Darlington is a special night on a Monday and is focused on bars. This was a family friendly event with music and stalls. I went along for a few hours and it was great to see so many people come long to support the event. It restored some of my faith in the town. Growing up here I never felt it would be a town that would be Gay friendly. In recent years though it has really become very LGBT friendly. There is a big Trans community as well which is good to see. I hope Pride in the Park happens again next year and is even bigger.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for taking the time to read and I will be back again next week.

Top Programme of the Week – Danny and the Human Zoo

Top Song of the Week – Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Book I Am Currently Reading – Life After Life by Kate Atkinson