Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the need for some time off, the Facebook dislike button, looking back at starting uni and the Rugby World Cup. So let’s get started.

I’m not sure if it the cold autumn mornings or just general tiredness/exhaustion but I have struggled to get moving first thing. At work my annual leave sheet is feeling  a bit neglected in its folder but the reality is I can’t plan time off until I know when Dad has his operation as I will need remaining leave I have for when he goes in. People have said I should still have some time for me but reality is it won’t be much of a break at home and that puts me off using it as well. I could book going away but can’t risk doing it without knowing when my Dad is in hospital as I will be needed at home. I had hoped we would have an idea when things would happen by now but we are still waiting and my annual leave form will have to feel neglected for a bit longer. It is fair to say I have written this year off now and just hope some good comes along next year for my family.

This week in the news it was announced that Facebook are to a launch a dislike button. They say it is due to demand from users but I wonder how many of those users who asked for it thought this through. At the moment there is just the Like function and therefore some people think this means that by pressing this you are liking whatever status it is with. The truth is we all know this function is just a way of showing your support for something it doesn’t mean you like it. If you disagree with a status then there is a comments box and you can express yourself there. On Facebook we have all probably shared some big personal news on there and the Like button is just a way of showing your support when at times you don’t know quite what to say. The Like function is a way of cheering someone up or showing your interested in them, that you care etc. Someone I know this week said they were glad they aren’t a teenager now with Social Media especially if a dislike button is introduced. I hope people don’t use the dislike button and just keep using the Like button in the positive way that they have been.

This weekend seems to be a busy time for people starting university and it got me thinking back to when I started back in 1999 and how my first year may have been a different experience  if I had social media, wi-fi etc. 1999 doesn’t seem that long ago but it is especially when you think this years Freshers were born late 1996 to Summer 1997. For me internet access was only in a computer room or library not in my halls, there was no social media and I wrote actual letters to friends not e-mails, I wrote in an a journal instead of a blog, DVD’s were a new thing and I didn’t even use Google until my third year at uni. I now feel very old but it makes me wonder if my first year at uni would be have been easier with some more technology. I struggled in my first year and wonder if social media might have helped me settle in more. Mobiles back in 1999 were still black and white and texting was seen as high-tech. No cameras on them at all. Now we take pictures on our phones all the time and I wonder if I would have captured more memories than I did. I have photos from uni but struggle to look at them from first year still without feeling bad. Second and Third Year made up for it though.

This week the Rugby World Cup started. The England are the hosts but it is still a low-key affair in the media. If this was the Football World Cup we would be shouting about it all the time. Rugby though doesn’t have the same coverage. I have always preferred watching Rugby than Football. It is a more interesting game and is a bit shorter and yes the players are better looking as well. I tried to get tickets for some matches but was not successful in the ballot for tickets. Darlington is getting into the rugby spirit though with flags up for saying welcome to the All Blacks as they will be training in Darlington before their match at Newcastle. It would be good to see them but probably be at work when they have the meet and greet day. My prediction for the World Cup is either Australia or Ireland.

Right I’m off to watch Downton Abbey. See you all next week.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Pippin – No Time At All

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell