Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I am sorry it is so late but things are a bit busy at the moment. This week I will be discussing Starbucks twin, Virgin East Coast, a trip to York and an evening with Mark Gatiss. So with a lot to get through I had better get started.

Regular readers to my blog will know that my morning commute involves a trip to Starbucks. I need this to start the day. As I visit each day I have gotten to know the staff well. Over recent weeks different members of staff have all said that I have Starbucks twin. The first time I just ignored it but a lot of staff have now said this and it is making we wonder if I really do have twin. They asked if I had a brother and I said no and they all insist he looks like me although one person did say slightly shorter, no glasses and wait for it younger (ouch). He does get the same drink as me though. I wonder if they ask this guy the same thing when they see him. I feel a bit sorry for him if he gets it as well especially if he does look like me. Nobody wants that.

Last month I mentioned that I had a nightmare journey home from work one evening as the trains were all cancelled and I had to get a bus home. Well my repayment is still going on but an end appears to be in sight. I got an e-mail this week saying it wad going through but that I had to e-mail my bank details so that they could pay me. I was dubious about this as I didn’t think it was very secure but the reference number for my case was correct. I phone them up to ask if they could post it out as a cheque but they said no and they couldn’t do it over the phone as that wasn’t secure either. I expected more from a company that also has a banking division. Anyway hopefully I have managed to get it sorted although I still don’t know how much they are actually refunding me.

I had a very busy day on Saturday albeit a very enjoyable one. It started with a day trip to York. It was with some friends from work. We do it most years around this time and is always good fun. No trip to York is complete without a trip to Betty’s Tearooms.   Afternoon tea is a very nice treat and this occasion did not disappoint. The staff are always great and this time they went out their way as I mentioned I can’t have nuts which made having an afternoon tea a bit awkward as 2 of the cakes had nuts in them. They found a cake I could have (vanilla slice in case you were wondering). After Betty’s it was time to walk the cake, scones, and tea off with a bit off shopping. I was good and resisted Christmas decorations and Star Wars stuff on this occasion. The hours passed quick and it was time to get the train home.

The day wasn’t over then though as I had a ticket to ‘An Evening with Mark Gatiss’ at Darlington Civic Theatre. The night was a fundraising event to raise money for a memorial for lost police officers and staff. I knew the night was going to be good as it not your usual theatre trip to be greeted by a Dalek and you can take a selfie with it. During the interval I took the chance to write down a question for Mark Gatiss and there was a chance it would get asked. In the second half he started answering the questions. The first question someone asked him was “What is his favourite Dr Who Episode?” He answered ‘The Green Death’ as it has his favourite Dr (Jon Pertwee) and companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning). My question was  who his favourite companion was so I thought well thats my question answered. I was surprised then when I was asked to say my question. I was fully aware he had inadvertently answered it but I now had a microphone in my hand and I had to say it. He said he just answered that and I made an attempt at apologising while being in a weird state as I was actually talking to him. He then asked me who my favourite companion was? Now I had to decide to either lie and say a generally acceptable answer such as Sarah Jane or Rose etc or tell the truth and say Mel Bush (probably the most disliked companion in Dr Who history). I hate dilemmas like this. It took me back to when I wasn’t out and I would get asked about what type of girl I liked and I would say something to keep people happy. I hated myself for doing that so thought sod it and told him my favourite companions Mel. I could hear the site hard Dr Who fans stir in the darkness of the auditorium and a few boos and grumbles were heard. I looked at Mark Gatiss secretly hoping he would understand. His reaction was in a joking style “Nice chatting to you, next question and then just laughed a little”. At least I had been honest and end of the day the reason she is my favourite is because she was the first companion I saw which is one of the reasons why Mark Gatiss picked Jo Grant. It was a great evening and he was asked questions about his career and the roles he has played. 12074764_10101298465422293_1993489751294666455_nAfter the talk there was the chance to meet him and have photos and autographs done. This was too good an opportunity to miss and I got my photo taken with him and an autograph for a friend at work. It was a last-minute decision to go to the event but I was so glad I did and it finished off a great day brilliantly.

That is it for this week. So sorry the blog is as late as this but I am very busy with stuff at the moment such as the play and work. Hopefully Sunday will be chance for me to rest for a bit. Right I’m off to write lines saying I must not be late with my blog again.

Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – The Lake Poets -North View

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell