Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. I know it is a very late again but I couldn’t do 2 blogs in one day and I did do the special blog post for National Coming Out Day so there was a blog post at least. This week I will be discussing carrier bag charges, freshers week, Great British Bake Off (spoiler alert), and Still Life. So let’s get started.

Last week all large shops were made to charge for plastic carrier bags in England. This was already happening in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England was the last Home Nation to introduce the charge. I am amazed at the outrage from people over this. It was the main news story for a couple of days and probably still is with the Daily Mail (I don’t know I don’t read it). I don’t see the problem. We all know plastic bags are bad for the environment and we don’t reuse them as we should so it is time to pay for that (literally). Marks and Spencer’s have charged for a few years now and yes it is frustrating when you forget to take one but we all just need to change our habits. It isn’t that long ago when people used to put their groceries in a box because there were no bags. What annoys me even more is that customers who are angry about paying the 5p charge are taking out on checkout staff and making other customers suffer. And sample was last Wednesday in Sainsburys. I was buying some things in Sainsburys and joined a short queue. The who was 2 places in front of me was being served and was determined not to buy any bags. He had brought some with him but then very slowly picked up each shopping item and then tried them in each of the bags as if they were some children’s toy. He didn’t have any physical disability which was making him slow he was just being awkward and was hoping the operator would just give him some bags. The woman in front of me was getting frustrated and so was I as I was wanting to get back for the Bake Off Final. The checkout next to me which previously had a large queue now became empty and picked up my shopping and moved it over to the other till. While doing this muttering about the guy. He just looked up and carried on being slow to pack away. He then sounded out his money note by note and coin by coin and did the same with the many many many coupons he had. He obviously thought he was being clever but was just being awkward and made others mad. The Government introduced the charge not the shops and it is certainly not the poor member of staff stuck on a till who should be made to take the abuse and hassle from tight-fisted mean customers. Let’s just buy a bag and reuse them and make the world a bit better place after all there are worse things happening in the world than 5p for a carrier bag.

On the subject of the Bake Off I wanted to say how pleased I was that Nadiya won the Bake Off. She was one of the bakers I wanted to win. I would have liked Tamal to win but I will settle for him being in the final. Her speech after winning was very moving and inspiring

“I’m never gonna put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never gonna say I can’t do it. I’m never gonna say ‘maybe’. I’m never gonna say, ‘I don’t think I can.’ I can and I will.”

Such great advice and all from a show about cakes. It even made Mary Berry cry at the end and proved sh was well deserving winner. Let’s all try to follow these wise words and of course eat cake.

Last week was a bit of a hectic week for me. Work was busy as it was Freshers Week and it meant a lot of events happening with a Harry Potter theme including actual real owls.Barn Owl It was a lot of work and quite a bizarre week but quite enjoyable too. As well as all of this I have had my dad operation on my mind and been a play at the weekend. The first performance was the same days as the owls at work so Friday was a very surreal and busy day.

They play that I was in was Still Life by Noel Coward and was put on by Applause Theatre. We performed it at Head of Steam in Darlington which was a great location and it was nice to be there. I haven’t been to the railway museum since I was a child so I enjoyed being back there. The shows went well and it was over too quickly with just 2 shows. I loved working with the rest of the cast as they are not only talented actors but lovely people too. A big thank you to Sam and Alan for all their handwork in putting it on and thanks for asking me to be in it. I am enjoying my acting but the year ahead looks a bit uncertain with my Dad etc so I am not sure if I will be able to do some next year or not. I hope I can do something still as it really is good fun and I meet some great people. We will have to see what the future brings.

So sorry this very late once again but I feel as if I am playing catch up on everything at the moment. I will try to get back into the normal routine as soon as I can.

Top Programme of the Week –Downton Abbey

Top Song of the Week – Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell