Hi everyone, Sorry for the short blog post last week but as I said life has been a bit hectic for me. This week I will try to update you all on the events of the last two weeks. I will discuss the latest with my dad, wisdom tooth, Manchester, Star Wars and Christmas. So with a lot to get through I hope you are all sitting comfortably because it is likely to be a big blog post.

First an update on Dad. On the 27th October Dad had his operation. The day before was a tense day for all the family. The biggest thing was uncertainty. Would it go ahead this time, if it does would it be OK, what happens afterwards etc. All possible scenarios whizz through your mind and you have to do your best to focus on the good things or try to take your mind off it.

The day of the op was even longer. It was an early start to the day. With all of us getting up so early it felt like that feeling you get when you are going on holiday the difference being this was no holiday. I can’t really write how I was feeling when he left for the hospital because it is tough to write down. We were a mixture of emotions thats all I can say. Once he left for the hospital it was a matter of waiting. Only one person could go with him and they wouldn’t be able to stay and as I can’t drive it was my uncle who took him. As the day we went on we hadn’t heard anything except that he had gone for the operation. Me and my mam did things around the house etc mainly trying to take our mind off it. We were doing OK until 5pm and we were starting to get a little anxious. We phoned and there was no news except he was still down at surgery. We rang a few more times and it wasn’t until 7:30pm that we heard from the hospital. The operation had gone well and he was awake and had just been moved into HDU. We could relax a little bit now. It was too late to visit but we couldn’t wait to visit the next day.

I was excited to see him but also nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I remember just sitting there looking at him and feeling so thankful that he was OK. This is only the start of his journey of recovery and there is a long way to go but he is doing really well. On Friday this week to our surprise he came home. Scary to think less than 2 weeks after a major operation he would be well enough to come home. I am so proud of him and how positive and upbeat he has been even though it has been a scary time. I think it has brought us even closer together as a family and it has reminded me that even at the darkest and difficult times that we face we can always find something positive shining through. We all know there is a long way to go and there might be bad days but fingers crossed things will continue to do go well. I want to say a big thank you to the staff at James Cook Hospital. People knock the NHS too easily but I can’t fault them. The care they have given my Dad and my family has been amazing and thank you is not a big enough phrase to say how much we appreciate everything they have done so far. I only wish the politicians appreciated the work the NHS do. I also want to say a massive thank you to all my family and friends who have been superstars over the last few weeks. From messages of support or doing things for us to listening to us it has made a huge difference to me and mam and dad. Those who know me know I am not a huggy person but I will give everyone a massive virtual hug to say thank you.

As well as my Dad’s op. That same week I had a wisdom tooth out. I was dreading it but I knew that what my Dad has gone through is worse than my tooth. I was nervous though and this wasn’t helped by the Halloween decorations that were up in the dentist. Each surgery room had a grim reaper on the door. Of all the Halloween themed pictures to have. Anyway the dentist managed to get out very quickly and it has been OK since. I was very tired that day as well as I was up late the night before as my Dad’s car window was smashed which is the last thing we needed but these things happen.

I was back at work this week although I had 2 days out of the office which throws my routine. One of these days I was in Manchester for an event. It was a really good event and got to meet other people in similar jobs to me which is always nice. These type of events remind me of why I am a librarian and I find myself thinking about ideas for work. With everything that has been going on personally I feel as if my career goals and hopes have been put to one side and I need to get back on track of this. I think that is for another blog post though.

It was also nice to be in Manchester. It is one of those places that are on my list of possible places I could live/work in. So far the list includes Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and London. After the event I had time before my train and the weather was not too bad  (no rain honestly) and I randomly found my self near Canal Street. Earlier this year I mentioned on Facebook that I have never been to Canal Street and that as a gay man I should have at least seen it. From watching shows such as ‘Queer As Folk’ as a teenager to ‘Cucumber’ this year it has been a big deal in the gay community. As I had time before my train I thought I might as well walk along Canal Street. Most things were closed as it is on an evening when it really comes alive but I still wanted to walk along. It made me think a lot walking down there about the influence this place had on me from watching TV and reading magazines. It was an unexpected experience but I am pleased I have done it and was another thing for me to think about.

This weekend I have started to rematch all of the Star Wars movies starting with The Phantom Menace. I love Star Wars movies and I am genuinely excited about the new film coming out especially with the original characters of Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia returning. I am especially pleased to Leia will be back as she is my favourite character from Star Wars.

This week seems to have seen the official start of Christmas. The Christmas adverts have started including the John Lewis advert (not really bothered about this years ad if I’m honest) and the Christmas coffee’s have started in Starbucks and Costa. Starbucks this year have changed the gingerbread latte and it now has ginger cream with pieces of waffle on top. There is no need for this change and defending on how each Starbucks has made the cream it can be a bit too much even for me. I’ll see how I go with it but so far I don’t think they should have messed with it. Costa have better Christmas cups but their coffees are not as good as Starbucks.

Well that is it for this week. I told you it would be a long blog post this week. I have another busy week ahead but hopefully with some time off for me as well. Until next time bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Adele – Hello

Book I Am Currently Reading – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


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