Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week has been another busy one and not helped by stress go losing something and the start of a head cold. This has made my Christmas feeling go back a few places but hopefully I m getting back on track now. This week I will be discussing Clara and Doctor Who ( I finally get around to this after weeks of promising it so spoiler warning!!!), The Cloud WiFi, losing Chip and the first snow of the winter. So with no more delays here we go.

First things first Doctor Who and Clara. The latest series (to my American readers that is the British equivalent of season) has now finished and so has Clara’s storyline and I’m sad about this. Jenna Coleman is a great actress but with Matt Smith’s Doctor something wasn’t working and even I can’t blame Steven Moffatt for all of this (even though I tried). The problem was that Amy Pond was the companion to Matt Smiths Doctor and Clara with the best intention would never work with him. The arrival of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor changed that (thanks to the no flirting) and their relationship/friendship clearly worked. I was pleased Jenna changed her mind and stayed on for the next series as she was now proving to be a strong companion. The Doctor and ClaraIt was clear though that this would be her last series and this was confirmed early on but we never knew when.  Knowing this was going to happen at some point distracted the show and the audience and is possibly one of the reasons why the show was a bit too serious this year. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed it and there were some amazing episodes such as the opening storyline with Davros but there were some which were a bit pretentious and that I do blame Steven Moffatt for. In Episode 10 ‘Face The Raven’ we see Clara die. I thought it was too quick an ending and it felt unfinished and a bit rushed. She served a better send off than that. I thought maybe in the next episode we would get conclusion but no that was the very weird and Sherlock style ‘Heaven Sent’ episode. Just before I finally accepted this was Clara’s ending we learn more in the final episode of the series ‘Hell Bent’.  Here the Doctor breaks the rules and pulls her from the moment of her death. She is now flying around the universe and time and space in her Diner  TARDIS. I can hear Big Finish writing a spinoff audio story as we speak. I am pleased she has got a better ending and there is still a small window/door open for her to return. I do have to say though that the use of Gallifrey in  ‘Hell Bent’ was wasted opportunity. This should have been a bigger deal than they made it. I am looking forward to the next series and finding out who the next companion is. As unlikely as it may be if Steven Moffatt (unlikely now I have slated him) wants to cast me in the role I am more than happy to do it.

Another thing I have been meaning to discuss on my blog is The Cloud WiFi. Does anyone get it to work on their phone? I am out somewhere and my phone picks it up but it can’t use it. I end up having to disconnect my WiFi setting so that it will use the 4G on my phone instead. I am obviously doing something wrong but it just seems to be a nuisance to me. OK rant over.

I had a bit of a stressful end to the week as I thought I ha lost something which means a lot to me. I have a little figure of Chip from Rescue Rangers that I carry with me. It might seem very silly especially for a 34-year-old guy but there is a reason. When I was a boy I bought this little figure as a present from my school trip to Euro Disney (now called Disneyland Paris) and gave it my nanna. I gave my other nanna the figure of Dale. Both my Nanna’s are no longer with us and I got the figure of Chip when my nanna died. The other figure is with another family member. I was close to my nanna and she was the one I would always go to when I was low or having bad time just like many people and her death hit me hard as I knew I wouldn’t have that special person in my life to turn to in those difficult situations. So I decided to carry Chip with me. Chip (Rescue Rangers)Whenever I was having a bad day or needed some support I would put my hand in my pocket and Chip would be there. In recent weeks with everything that has been happening with my Dad it has been a great comfort. I did lose him once very early on but found him a few days later. I added him to my key ring to stop this happening but other years he has been world and battered and has come off my key ring and won’t go back on so he has been in my pocket or sometimes my bag. On Wednesday I thought I had lost him for good on my train home. I was certain I had picked him up on the morning but he wasn’t there when I got home. I was distraught and annoyed with myself for being careless. I tweeted the train company and put it on Twitter hoping someone would find him. The rain company were great and checked for me and did all they could to look for him and so many people retweet my appeal. By Friday after spending my lunch break phoning and emailing places that I had been to where he may have come out I had resigned myself to the fact he was gone although I had a gut instinct he would show up at some point but I put that down to desperation. That night I was sorting put by wash baskets. I have 2 one for clothes and another for underwear and pyjamas. I had checked the one for clothing the other day incase it was in a trouser pocket from the other day but nothing there. I didn’t expect to find him in my underwear basket but somehow that is where he was. I so relieved and I will have to be a bit more careful with him from now on. Thank you to everyone who looked for him, listened to me and retweeted my appeal. I know it sounded silly but it really meant a lot to me.

With all of this going on and the start of a head cold my Christmas excitement was waning. However having found Chip  I was feeling a bit happier and on Saturday we had the first snow of the winter. Some Scottish readers have probably had some earlier on but it was the first snow in Darlington of the winter and it really helped me feel like Christmas was here now. So much so that is spurred me on to get some Christmas shopping done. Sadly the snow has melted now but hopefully it will be back soon ideally on Christmas Day.

Well that is it for this week. I am glad I managed to get it done on time this week. It is a busy week ahead as it is last week at work for the year and there is the work Christmas Party (as long as I can arrange some transport home otherwise this Cinderella will be staying at home. I will speak to you all next weekend. Have a good week.

Top Programme of the Week – The Last Kingdom

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – The More You Give (The More You’ll Have) 

Book I Am Currently Reading – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley