Hi everyone I hope you have all had a nice Christmas and are now planning for the New Year. I have had a lovely Christmas and I am getting ready for 2016. This week I will be discussing spoiler free Star Wars, Christmas wrapping and Christmas movies, Christmas Day and getting ready for New Year. So lets begin.

First up I will be talking a little bit about Star Wars but with no spoilers (I Promise). All I will say is that the film is great and is more like the original 3 movies. I have to admit to clapping excitedly when the opening screen started. I laughed, cried, was on the edge of my seat, gobsmacked and didn’t want it to end. The Force has well and truly woken in me.

I mentioned in last weeks blog post that I had lots to do for Christmas. One thing I had put off was wrapping presents. I was determined not to end up wrapping on Christmas Eve so found myself up late on Wednesday wrapping presents while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. It is a great film and I class it as a Christmas movie. As I am so slow at wrapping I only got half the presents done so I did end up wrapping the rest on Christmas Eve but this time it was while watching Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. This is the best of the Home alone films and is one of my favourite Christmas Movies. It does make me want to visit New York for Christmas. Maybe one year if I have a special person in my life I will do that.

This talk of the best Christmas movies has got me thinking and I thought I would give you my top 5.

5) Santa Claus the Movie 

4) It’s A Wonderful Life

3) The Muppet Christmas Carol

2) Love Actually

1) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

I am sure this will cause debate and discussion so please let me know what your top 5 Christmas movies are.

Finally it was the big day and I was a mixture of emotions. I was a bit anxious about how my Dad would cope with Christmas dinner following his op but we would just have to wait and see how it went. I was blown away by the lovely and generous presents that I got but more importantly I was pleased it was Christmas Day. Since May I have been taking one day at a time following my Dad’s diagnosis. As a family we couldn’t really think head to Christmas and we didn’t know what Christmas would be like this year. To sit on Christmas morning talking and exchanging presents with each other meant more to me than ever this year and was the best present I could have hoped for. We are all guilty of taking family for granted but we shouldn’t and we should make the most of our time as a family and express our love for each other more. So if you haven’t already go give them that hug, or kiss or phone or message those who mean a lot to you and that’s the only reason you need.

New Year is now approaching and I am for the first time in months thinking ahead of what is to come and what I want from the next 12 months. In January I am 35 and if that isn’t enough to kick me up the backside and make the most of my life then what is. I have no plans for New Years Eve which upsets me as I promised I would do something this year but there is always next year. I am planning my resolutions for 2016 and you can even help me prioritize what I should focus on the most next year. To do this visit the survey and let me know what you think.

This is the last weekly post of 2015 but I am planning my annual Year in List Post and my Resolutions post as well so keep an eye to for them.

So all that is left for me to do is wish you a Happy New Year and I will be back in 2016 with my weekly blog and hopefully some social posts as well.

Happy New Year!


Top Programme of the Week – Downton Abbey

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis