Hi everyone and sorry for the lateness of this weekly blog post but all the end of year blog posts as well as other things have meant it is late which isn’t a great start to the year but hopefully you have had plenty to read in the meantime.

This week I will be discussing the time between Christmas and New Year, social media and the younger generation, New Years Eve and blogging resolutions. So I better start.

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I lose all sense of date and time in the period between Christmas and New Year. In my ideal world it would be full of me socializing with friends and family every day but reality is I’m just laid about trying to digest all the excess party food that I have eaten and now feel guilty about (there are only so many mini quiches and pork pies one man eat). I had planned on being a bit more productive. I had hoped on reading lots of books, building all my LEGO sets, catching up on various Box sets and Netflix but instead I just wasted the time on games online as well as planning my end of year blog posts. I did find time to reflect on the year that has gone and despite everything I can see the good things from 2015 and I feel optimistic about 2016.

In between all this lazing about and reflection I did go to a family get together. It was lovely to see everyone especially my cousins and their families who I don’t see much of except at Christmas. I remember being one of the younger generation in the family but now I’m the middle generation and my cousins all have young families of their own and they certainly make me feel my age. One young family member asked how many followers I had on Instagram. I said about 80 and they seemed horrified at how few I had. I thought it was quite lot. In my defence I said I have only really used it a lot more in the last 12 months and prefer Facebook and Twitter. They don’t do Twitter (because parents quite rightly won’t let them) and that Facebook is ok but a bit old now. The conversation really put me in my place that I was no longer one of the young ones anymore and how out of touch I am. Well I suppose I am 35 in a few weeks time.

Another way to realise you are no longer a young person is when you are woken on New Years Eve morning by the bin men which according to parents were not coming that day and it was the main bin and we hadn’t put it out. So my first 10 minutes of the last day of 2015 involve me running outside dragging the full wheelie bin up the street to catch the van while in pyjamas. In fairness it probably is some sort of metaphor for my life in 2015 and therefore quite a fitting end to the year. On the night though it was a quiet one just sitting in with my parents to see in the New Year. No fancy party for me it was just watching the film ‘New Years Eve’ which I do every year and then the fireworks on the TV.

I have already done a blog post about resolutions and it has got me thinking a bit about some blogging resolutions. So here are some hope and ideas for my blog for 2016

1) Start some blog series – This weekly blog post will remain as it is the main reason for my blog but I want to do more special posts and I was thinking of having a series for people to follow such as ‘TV Shows that should come back’, ‘dating specials’, ‘toys from childhood’ etc. Let me know what you think and what ideas of series you would like.

2) Be more structured – I would like to add more structure to my weekly blog posts as most of the time they are done without little prep (as I am sure you can tell).

3) Blog for others – I have always been interested in writing and at one point even wanted a career in journalism. I would like to pursue my writing through my blog and would like to maybe contribute to online blogs by magazines and newspapers. Not sure how to get started with this but it is something i would like to try. If anyone knows of some magazines/papers I could do this for?

4) Blogging pressure – I plan to not let the pressure of blogging deadlines get to me. After all I do this for fun and piece of mind so the last thing I need is for it to cause pressure. I will aim to do my weekly blog for Sundays as usual and no later than Wednesday. The special blog posts I do I can do whenever I am ready to write one and i can do more than one a month.

So there you go. The end of 2015 and the start of 2016. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and that it is a good one. Right I’m off to get some sleep.

Top Programme of the Week – Dickensian

Top Song of the Week – The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

Book I Am Currently Reading – Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert