Well the first full week back at work is now done and routine is starting to set back in and the Christmas break feels a life time ago. The only reminder of Christmas now is that my work clothes are a bit snugger than they were in December. This week I will be discussing, New Year Optimism, aunt’s iPod and personal reflection.

After the Christmas break and New Year I was ready to get back into the swing of things. Like many of you I had that New Year optimism and it was there on Monday but then routine and other things started to get in the way. I have managed to refocus back onto my optimism this weekend and I have realised I need to put a lot of work into this early on if I am to get going with things.

One thing that has kept me busy this week is that I had to put a load of my aunt’s CD’s onto her new iPod. It isn’t difficult to do but it has been very time-consuming and has taken most evenings this week to do which means very little time to do things for myself. I have three LEGO projects to do, reading, learning lines for Hamlet and Macbeth, catching up with my ever-growing collection of TV shows that I have either recorded or are on Netflix. This when I feel I am in danger of slipping into my old routines habits from last year. Still at least my doing the CD’s I have accomplished something this week.

This week I have continued my self-reflection from New Year. At times I have felt as if someone was promoting me to do this. I know they weren’t it is just the time of the year for this type of thing but still it has been hard to escape. I watched the documentary ‘Age of Loneliness’ on BBC (should still be on iPlayer in the UK so try to catch it if you can) this week. I didn’t plan to but I saw the start of it and before I knew it I had watched the whole thing. It was a really good documentary about loneliness and what it means to be lonely and how it affects all ages. It made me realise that in recent years I have isolated myself and falling into that trap of focusing on work and have missed out on things and let friendships slip away. At least after watching the programme I know I am not the only person to do this.

As my job involves books for a living I always take notice of what is out at the moment and what is trending in the book world. At the moment it is self-help books as it is January and I have to admit to falling into the trap and purchasing one this week. I will read it after I finish ‘Eat Pray Love’ (which in itself is a sort of self-help book) . I know it is easy to dismiss them as any good but sometimes you need something to focus on to get you started. A number of years ago I used a Paul McKenna book about changing your life and it has a CD with it. I was sceptical about it but back then I had finished uni and was working in a supermarket and wanted to move on with my life so was prepared to try anything. After using this in the January/February time I did end up changing jobs later that year and had one of the best years for a long time. It is probably all coincidence but it still happened. I don’t have the book or CD anymore but feel I need to focus on something like this again. Have any of you used a self-help book and if so what did you think of it?

One thing I have done this week is to use my diary and make notes on things that have happened this week. This not only helps me structure this blog a bit more but is a good way of summing up events from the day and I think this is a good way to help my personal wellbeing. I have also booked a weekend away at the end of January to Edinburgh which is keeping me going this month. Recommendations for eating out and things to do on a night welcomed.

Well that is it for this week. I have a busy week coming up but hopefully it will be CD free and I can find sometime for myself this week. I’ll be back again next weekend but in the meantime you can follow me on Twitter and on Instagram.

Top Programme of the Week – Age of Loneliness 

Top Song of the Week – Rachel Platten – Stand By You

Book I Am Currently Reading – Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert