Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts called ‘Bring back…’. The idea is to revisit old TV show, magazine, radio show, toy that could be popular again now.

This month I will be looking at BBC Holiday. Now my memories of the show are from the 80’s/90’s but the show did run on the BBC from 1969 until 2007. To help you remember here is the opening titles for the show.

The series always seemed to be in January when everyone had the January blues and wanted to book holidays. This was the time pre internet and holiday channels so this was a bit of escapism. The show has had a variety of presenters but the one I remember the most was Jill Dando although Craig Doyle also stands out as well. For me holidays consisted of UK based places so watching reports from America, Europe etc were fascinating and miles away from where I would go such as Bridlington, Llandudno and Paignton.

Although it was great half an hour of escapism the show received criticism for featuring holidays that were not affordable to the average person. I suppose that is true as most people wouldn’t be able to afford to attend a ball in Austria and dance with Cliff Richard (we probably wouldn’t want to either) but this is why we watched. It is why we watch programmes now such as Grand Designs, Location Location. We like to dream and TV lets/encourages us to do that and this isn’t a bad thing.

So would BBC Holiday work now and is there is a need in 2016 for a show like this. I think it would work if you got the right presenters. Now I would imagine the likes of Matt Baker, Claudia Winkleman, Alex Jones, Helen Skelton, Reggie Yates all presenting it or being a reporter. Another reason I think it would work is that we all take holidays (or we should try to) so we have an interest in the topic. Is there a need for it though? There are lots of holiday channels and websites where we can find this type of information but I think there is something different about watching a half hour show. Maybe it is nostalgia talking but I know I would prefer watching a half hour show instead of online or watching a Holiday channel.

So there you have it why I think BBC Holiday should come back. I can’t see the BBC rushing to do it but you never know. At the very least this has been a short trip down memory lane.