Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. To my American readers I hope you are well and have survived the snow storm.  When the week starts off with Blue Monday (most depressing day of the year not the song by New Order) then you know it is going to be a tough and long week. However it is now Sunday so I have made it through so here is what I will be talking about this week. This week I will be discussing Blue Monday, Headspace app, my last week as a 34-year-old,  resolutions struggle, way back when week . So let’s get started.

So Monday was what they call Blue Monday. Some expert probably feeling quite smug with his or her life and with little else to do worked out that the 18th January 2016 was the most depressing day of the year. I thought it was going to fall on the 25th (but I am not some smug expert with time on their hands so what do I know) but thankfully it was a week early. The day was actually alright for me really and needed up with a free hand warmer from Virgin trains. I think it was because of Blue Monday and not because of some unexpected train delay. They even had free wi-fi on the train (wow anyone would think it is 2016 or something). Still knowing the week starts on the most depressing day of the year and that week is also my last as a 34-year-old I knew it would be tough going over the next few days.

For some reason as I approach my birthday I always get even moodier than normal and my body just feels more tired than normal. It is as if my body and emotions are aware of the date they born. The dark wet mornings don’t help and it is a struggle to get up at 6am then I find myself making a mad dash to the station where I just make the train and battle my way to find a seat. Even during the day this week I have found it tough going and wanted to be on my own then get fed up with being on my own so no pleasing me. I worked back one night this week as well which was fine but did make Friday morning even more tough going. I need to get my work/life balance on track as last year I let this all go and I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

One thing I have found that has been helping me is a little app called Headspace. It has daily 10 minute meditation/relaxation techniques to try to it is useful and has made the week a bit more manageable than it could have been. This along with the book I am reading ‘Eat,Pray Love’ is making me focus on my wellbeing which is one of my resolutions for the year. Hopefully I can keep this up over the coming weeks and that it helps with those days of loneliness and tiredness.

So as I have already mentioned this week was my last as a 34-year-old (making this blog post my last as a 34-year-old as well). Age is just a number and all that but I do feel as if 35 is a bit of a mini milestone. From tomorrow I will be closer to 40 than 30 and although that doesn’t sound too bad it does scare me a little. Not just because I will start ticking the 35-39 years box on forms but it makes me hold a mirror to my life and see what I have achieved and I don’t know if I like what I see. Still single, unlikely to have a family of my own, still at home etc are not what I thought I would be experiencing at 35. So I need to make the next 5 years the best I have had so when I turn (whisper forty) the reflection in the mirror won’t be as sad and depressing.

My diary tells me it is week 3 and that means just three weeks into 2016 and my resolutions. Obviously it is early days but despite the January Blues getting in the way and the shadows of 2015 still lingering in areas of my life I feel as if I putting in the ground work for some resolutions. I have started making notes for an idea of a book and the Headspace app is a great starting point for my wellbeing. I just need to step up a gear with resolutions in February.

All this week I kept seeing photos of friends from when they were younger and I was puzzled as to why it was happening. I thought it might have been one of those Facebook games that had passed me by. After a bit of searching I discovered that it was for Way Back When Week. I already had some old photos on Facebook but I did dig some more out. It was lovely and embarrassing at the same time but also made me realise that there are very few pictures of me with some family members. There are not many with me and my Dad (usually because he was taking the picture) and there are very few with me and one of my Nanna’s and this upset me a bit. Me and my nannaI have lots of happy memories and think of her all the time but hardly any photo’s older than baby photo’s. There are some baby photo’s but although it is me I don’t remember that. Maybe there is some hiding somewhere as it would be nice to see some.

Well that is it for this week and for being 34. So it is down to uninstall version 34 and install version 35. Let’s hope version 35 doesn’t have too many error codes.

Top Programme of the Week – Marvel Agents of Shield

Top Song of the Week – Dolly Parton – Better Get To Livin’

Book I Am Currently Reading – Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert