Is it really only a week since I was in Edinburgh. It feels a lifetime away. Reality certainly kicked back in this week after a weekend away and its been a tough one. This week I will be discussing Fitbit, personal wellbeing, over committed? and Council cuts. So let’s get started.

After a weekend away I was feeling refreshed and energised but the universe wanted normal service to resume and quickly made it a distant memory. January is now over and my least favourite month has now started. I have felt all week I have been dashing about all over the place for different reasons and I need do stop this and take time for myself.

One good thing that happened was that I finally got messaging sorted out on my phone. It appears it was a Vodafone problem after all and I got a vague excuse/reason for issue but it was fixed within a couple of minutes. Oh well at least it is fixed now and people can text if they want.

I am also getting used to my Fitbit. If you don’t know what that is it is a fitness tracker that you wear and it monitors steps (not the pop group), sleep, heart rate, weight and distance as well as other things. I had thought about it for a long time but was unsure but finally got one the other week just before Edinburgh. I thought it would be a good way to get back into shape physically. It is also interesting reading the sleep data and it shows I need to get more sleep and that a lot of the time when I am sleeping I am quite restless. Hopefully it will help me focus on getting healthy again this year which is one of my resolutions.

My mental wellbeing though has had a setback and probably not helped by not using the Headspace app this week. For various  reasons I have not been myself. A lot of it is my own fault but in fairness not all of it is. At home things are OK but and started become more normal in terms of routine and time I started to think about myself again. With my Dad’s illness I decided to put things on hold but now it is getting to the stage where I need to reactivate them. I want to do this but it is scary but I also now feel the time is right to move on. I will start planning things now but realistically nothing can happen until early July as I have committed myself to a number of projects. I need to get my life balance back in order sooner than that. At the moment I have at least three evenings of commitments and some weeks this could be four out of seven evenings as well. This is fine but I need to use the spare time I have to relax and use it to look after my own wellbeing.

Another thing I need to sort out is spending time on my own. I am finding I am distancing myself from people and from past experience that is not a good thing. I often have lunch and then go off on own some where and this is not helping me in the way I thought it would and worry that some connections have been lost.

On top of feeling a bit low this week I then learn of the terrible cuts to services run by the Council in the town. They range from closing of library buildings, closure of the indoor market, reduction in street cleaning, burial costs are to go up and they are even cancelling Christmas. As a youngish person in the town it sends the message to me that I better pack up and head off which is sad when it is your home town. I was a mixture of emotions on the day it was announced I was sad, hurt, and angry that these cuts have been announced. I was so angry that I attended the meeting of Labour Party members on Saturday morning. Now I don’t usually go to these meetings as there are always some who get really angry and say stupid and irrelevant things (even more than I would) but on this occasion I wanted some answers and to have my say to the council about it. I did get my say and I understand that the cuts are because of the cuts imposed unfairly on the council by the Government but I think sacrificing the library when all sport facilities are being protected is harsh. Yes they are still going to offer a library service but somewhere in the sports centre. There is a long way to go yet and I hope something can be done to save Crown Street Library.

What I would like to ask is that if you are reading this blog and a UK citizen then can you sign this petition asking to save services and to stop these cuts being imposed on towns particularly Darlington.

Well that is it for this week hopefully I will have a better week although it is St Valentines Day next Sunday which is maw worst day of the year so maybe it is going to be another awkward week.

Top Programme of the Week – War & Peace

Top Song of the Week – Adele – When We Were Young

Book I Am Currently Reading – Reasons To Stay Alive  by Matt Haig