If there is one day in a year that I dread it is Valentine’s Day. Give me Friday 13th any day over Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I am unromantic but when you are single you can’t help but feel fed up on Valentines Day.

When I see couples all over each in public at any time of the year it gets to me a bit but I block it out. Valentine’s Day though you can’t escape. Social Media is full of hearts and flowers and Valentine emoji’s, shops are full of over priced flowers and tacky heart shaped gifts, all your junk e-mail has a Valentine theme so you spend all the time deleting mail you don’t want. However like it or not it happens every year so if you are single then you have to find ways to not let it get you down. So here are my tips of surviving Valentine’s Day if you are single and I am speaking from 35 years worth of experience.

1)Avoid dating websites/apps

It might sound strange but for the actual day don’t go on to the dating site you normally use or dating app. online-dating-570216_960_720Yes they are great ways of meeting people but on Valentine’s Day you will feel more pressure to accept any date or feel even more hurt if know they are not interested. It’s the equivalent of panic buying while Christmas Shopping. You will pick something that you will regret as soon as you decide on it and waste money. So for 24hrs just give them a rest and then start again from the 15th February.

2) Avoid Social Media

Let’s be honest if you re in a relationship and get flowers and chocolates etc it is accepted that you out them it’ll be all over social media. Even worse if your timeline is full of engagements. So if you are single just don’t look at Facebook, Twitter , Instagram for that one day. Let those in a relationship enjoy the day on Social Media and you can happily get on with your day without resenting every status update. Also  a day off social media is a good thing every now and again.

3) Have some ‘me’ time

I’m a big fan of ‘me’ time and it is something we all should do more of whether single or not. On Valentines Day it is even more important if you are single. It is a bit of a cliché but you do need to love yourself before anyone can love you so spend the day doing things enjoy. If that means eating an entire box of Chocolate brownies and listening to Gabrielle’s greatest hits album ( yep that was me on Valentine’s Day 2001), or spending a lazy day in bed watching box sets or Netflix that’s fine, go ahead and do it (although maybe pick a better album to listen to).

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4) Spend time with your mates who are single

Chances are you are not the only person in your life who is single on Valentines Day. So why don’t you all get together and have meal at home or go to the pub or go for coffee . We are all guilty of not getting in touch with friends so make this an opportunity to send time with them.

5) Go for a walk/drive

Go out for the day and spend time with yourself. Whether that is wandering in the hills, or walking along the beach it doesn’t matter. Just escape for the day.

Valentine’s Day is just one day a year and the secret is to not let it bring you down or resent others who are happy and in love. so hopefully these tips will help you get through the day.