Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks (late) blog post. Sorry it is late but I haven’t had chance until now to actually write it due to rehearsals. Anyway this week I will be discussing the Oscars and Sam Smith, LGBT History,family, and London Has Fallen. So as I am already late let’s get started. 

Tonight (Wednesday) is the first night off since Saturday and my last until next Tuesday due to plays and rehearsals. It is going ok but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling tired and a little exhausted. Three plays is probably a bit too much (understatement of the year) but never mind I’m committed now and after this weekend it will be down to two. What I will say though is that from 4th July this year until 1st January 2018 I will be taking a break from acting as I need to sort my personal life out. July is still far off so for now it is rehearsal, act, sleep, work, repeat.

If you do want to come to see the show this weekend then here is my shameless plug.

Still Life by Noel Coward at Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Sheldon. Friday 11th March and Saturday 12th March at 7pm (Tickets £8)
Still Life by Noel Coward
at Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Sheldon.
Friday 11th March and Saturday 12th March at 7pm (Tickets £8)


The play ‘Still Life’ is what the film ‘Brief Encounter’ was based upon and that was nominated for three Oscars in 1947 but sadly didn’t win any of them.

This leads me nicely onto the topic of the Oscars for this year. It was of course Leonardo Di Caprio’s year although I was hoping he wouldn’t get it. I was pleased that Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Danish Girl’ as she was excellent in that film. I was also pleased that Mark Rylance got Best Supporting Actor for the film ‘Bridge of Spies’ as he is a great actor although I haven’t seen that film yet.  Then comes the award for ‘Best Original Song’ and that was won by Sam Smith for ‘Writings on the Wall’. I was pleased for him as I like his music and wanted him to win. His acceptance speech though has caused major  discussions and criticisms and I think it has been blown out of hand and I want to discuss this further now.

If you don’t know what happened he said he read an interview with Sir Ian McKellen a few months ago and he said no openly gay man had ever won an Oscar. So Sam Smith thought he was the first openly gay man to win an Oscar although this was not true as what Ian McKellen actually said is that no openly gay man has ever won best actor. This is slightly awkward for Sam Smith but he had just won an Oscar and his intentions were good as he wanted to celebrate being a gay man especially as February was LGBT History Month. However it soon became apparent that people were not as forgiven as I was. The whole thing escalated on social media and resulted in the most cringeworthy debate/discussion/fallout on Twitter between Sam Smith and Dustin Lance Black.It was horrible to see and also made me really angry because the biggest criticism Sam Smith was getting was because he showed little knowledge of LGBT History. I’m an openly gay man but no expert on LGBT History. I know some history mainly UK-based LGBT history but by no means an expert. This doesn’t mean I am less of a gay man, I didn’t have to pass an exam or study about it before hand. Trust me that would have been easier than finding the courage to come out. Most people in the UK don’t even know British History never mind LGBT History. But for some reason people found it acceptable to attack Sam Smith on this subject. I am sure Dustin is a nice guy and he is successful with a very nice fiance (Tom Daley) but he does sometimes come across as the spokesperson for the LGBT community  and its history. It is good that he strives to educate people about this but he doesn’t own LGBT History and has no right to become self-righteous on the subject. LGBT History is different for everyone just like any history is we all make history in our own ways and it is about us all coming together and celebrating it even if we disagree on some things. So Sam well done on the Oscar and for trying to champion the LGBT community. If I ever win an Oscar or any award (very unlikely I know) I wouldn’t say I’m the first openly gay man from Darlington win an Oscar just in case there is someone I don’t know about.

Last week was a tough week emotionally for me. On Tuesday it was my great uncles funeral. He wasn’t close to me but he was my nanna’s brother and meant a lot to my mam. What made the funeral even tough is that it was just a few days before the anniversary of my nanna’s death and it meant it was a more emotional day because of it. After the service I went with my mam to visit my nanna’s grave. I have been many times since her death but never with my mam. The last time I was there with her was her funeral. I also have some guilt as I never been to my other nanna’s grave since she died.

The funeral on the Tuesday left me feeling very emotional as I knew on the Friday it was the anniversary of nanna’s death. It is 21 years since she died and I can honestly say there isn’t a day goes by still when I don’t think about her. On my train to work on Friday morning memories from the day she died came flooding back and I had to try not to break down in tears on the train. I just about managed this. I have so many things I want to say to her but it’s too late now. So if you are reading this and your grandparents are still alive go talk to them, give them a hug and cherish every moment.

I am aware that I need to have some time for myself and my mam has even said so much in the last few days and I think she is a bit concerned for me. Tiredness, stress and emotions are all creating an unhappy me at the moment. I don’t like worrying others but at the moment I have to just keep on with stuff. Come July I can start to think about me but before then I have little time to do so without letting others down and to do that would hurt me more.

To try to help myself I went to Newcastle for the day on Saturday for some shopping and to see the film ‘London Has Fallen’. It won’t be winning any Oscars but it did what it said on the tin and sometimes you just need a film that requires no thinking and is action packed so for that reason I give it 4/5.

So there you have it. This/last weeks blog post. This weekends blog post may also be late but I will try to be on time. Right I’m off to get some sleep/shower.

Top Programme of the Week – Legends of Tomorrow

Top Song of the Week – Adele  – When We Were Young

Book I Am Currently Reading – Hamlet by William Shakespeare