Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the start of spring and a fresh start, personal wellbeing, retirement meals and 90th birthdays. So let’s get started.

So Sunday was the first day of Spring. I should be bounding about all over the place just like Julie Andrews in the hills from ‘The Sound of Music’. Reality though is I am dragging my feet along the path. This should be the time where I have a fresh start and a spring clean of objects and things going on in my life. It is just finding the time to do it. Have any of you had a spring clean out yet?

Last week wasn’t the best weeks for me personally. Once again I let things and people get to me. Although it was understandable why I did I should have been stronger and let it go over me. I think this ties in with me the need of a spring clean in all areas of my life. I have touched on how I have been feeling with my parents but they have their own problems. My mam said she wants me to find someone and be happy. I replied “I can’t even find myself at the moment”. I said it jokingly but realised that there is some truth in that. I have let commitments to things, people and other things get tin the way and I’ve lost my way a bit. I just have to remember that when you get lost I have to not worry and just and collect my thoughts and I will find my way back. I need to start making time to allow this sitting and reflection to happen. It has to be the important thing I do either that day or week.

It was a colleagues retirement meal this week. It was a lovely evening and I wish her all the best and hope she enjoys her retirement as she certainly deserves it. It was nice to go out and socialise with colleagues and chat to some people I don’t really chat socially with. I have missed this. I have allowed myself to stay on the edge of things with colleagues at work. Not because we have fallen out but because of a number of factors. So this week was nice as I have missed this socialising.

On Saturday it was my Great Uncle Bill’s 90th birthday and there was a big family meal to celebrate. This is on my Mam’s side of the family and it is one that I feel drifts away from me more than my Dad’s. It was lovely to see everyone as many of them I haven’t seen for many years. One of my mam’s cousins thought I was still in my twenties so that boosted my ego big time.

The meal was nice but I am not used to having a three course meal in the middle of the day and was full for the rest of the day. I did overcome my wariness of scotch eggs though. Don’t ask why but since being a small child I was always wary about Scotch eggs because in Junior School I remember them being on the menu and being told they had lots of bones in them. Now I know this silly but the gullible and naive 7-year-old believed this and have avoided Scotch eggs since even though I know they are ok. Now Scotch Eggs are trendy food and are served in restaurants as a Main meal. So my wariness of Scotch eggs is now over.

Anyway I digress as usual by talking about food. The day was good but there was some sadness as it was only a few weeks since Bill’s brother died and it was in everyone’s thoughts. I had arranged to FaceTime his sister in South Africa so she could speak to him and his brother. After some technical issues we managed to get it sorted. This is where technology is great as it meant the three of them could see each other even though they were the other side of the world. Other family members also found it emotional to see my Great aunt in South Africa and for some who had children it was the first time they had seen each other at all.

Family gatherings are still a bit of a minefield for me especially on this side of the family as I know that a lot of this side of the family haven’t been told I’m gay. Some have been told and the news may have filtered through to others but I don’t know for certain. They have stopped asking if I am seeing anyone so that suggests they do know as that happened on my Dad’s side of the family until me and my cousin arranged to discuss one Christmas. If I was asked  now I would say I haven’t got a boyfriend and then see what happens but I’m not going to raise the subject unless they do.

Right that is it for this week. It’s not as late as previous weeks so that’s an improvement.

It is Easter weekend coming up so I have a longer weekend (by one day as I am working Good Friday but still its a longer weekend). I hope to use the time to relax and try to find my way.

Top Programme of the Week – Cuckoo

Top Song of the Week – The 1975 – Nana

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Trouble With Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon