Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have had a nice Easter Weekend and not eaten too many chocolate eggs. You will be aware that I have had a bit of change with the layout of my blog. Well as I mentioned in last weeks blog post I need a spring clean in all areas of my life and the blog needed a bit of refreshing. Anyway I hope you like it. This week I will be discussing theatre ticket drama, Twitter, Bank holiday working and trying to be me. So let’s get started.IMG_6643

In an attempt to have something good to look forward to this year I went to book a ticket for the play ‘No Mans Land’ by Harold Pinter starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. I knew demand would be high but thought I would get through relatively quickly. How wrong I was. It took longer than I thought and I thought I was not going to get one at all. Buying tickets for shows is just a nightmare and anyone who has gone through this process will share this anxiety fuelled experience. There is the difficulty of getting through in the first place. Then you have the timer displaying how long you have to complete the transaction. Once you have added it to the basket you have to then create an account with venue/ticket seller or try to remember the random password you picked last time you tried to purchase tickets in this way but can’t because it was done under pressure. The password doesn’t come so you then submit a request for reminder or to reset which takes ages. You then reset the password but by the time you get to the basket it’s timed out. Cue cursing and you then tempt again. Get the ticket, put in basket, signed in. All going well then you hit VISA verified. Thankfully this usually works for me but I have had some problems in the past. You then by some miracle get the ticket/tickets you want as long as the website hasn’t crashed … again. Surely there are easier ways than this to get a piece of cardboard. Anyway eventually I did get a ticket so at least I have something to look froward to in August.

Last week Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday. So what I hear some of you say. I know not everyone is a fan or don’t understand it but whether we like it or not it is part of our everyday. It is usually the place where news is broken first, where people can share their support for others, meet new people and share key moments in our lives. On the other side it shows the worst in human behaviour and trolls lurk. These people though are a small number and we can choose to ignore them. Nothing is perfect but there is more good in Twitter than bad. I have been on Twitter for 7 years and this week with Twitter celebrating its 10th Birthday I wondered what impact it had on my everyday life. I have met new people through it (even had the odd date because of it), I have been able to share experiences with others. I often do things on my own but sometimes it is nice to share things. This blog is one way to share things but so is Twitter and it has let me share some great events and personal things. From a professional view it has allowed me to network with other library professionals and made it easier when I have met them in person particularly when they join my place of work as it is sometimes a good way to make the initial connection. Twitter is part of my everyday life and I can’t see that changing for the near future. So thank you Twitter and to everyone who follow and or tweets me. It has been good so far and lets hope it continues.

I hope you have all been enjoying the Easter weekend. It has been nice having a bit of a longer weekend. I was working Good Friday though but I didn’t mind that too much especially as I got a whole train carriage to myself on my way to work. Even the Queen doesn’t get to travel like that. empty train carriageIt is the one time of the year I enjoy my commute as I don’t have many other people to deal with. Once home it was still a three-day weekend and it has been nice having some time to relax and of course eat chocolate.

Last week was a long tiring week for me as I’m still not great with myself. Basically it comes down to me not being happy. I think it is because I am trying to please others which isn’t a bad thing but does mean that you can try so hard pleasing others that you realise you are upsetting the most important person – yourself. I should have probably done one play this year not three, I should have booked a holiday by now, I should stop worrying about my parents (they keep telling me not to worry about them) but I do, I should stop letting others get to me. Almost three months of the year have gone by and the only thing I have done to make me happy was my trip to Edinburgh. I am probably the saddest and lowest I have been for a few years. I know we all go through ups and downs and thats what life is about after all. Only I can find my happiness so I have to start somewhere I just don’t know where yet. Sorry to those around me who are putting up with me at the moment. I’m sorry I am once again in the ‘unhappy friend drawer’ and if I have worried some people I just need some time to get myself sorted.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back again next weekend with another blog post.

Top Programme of the Week – The Night Manager

Top Song of the Week – Speeding Cars by Walking on Cars

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Trouble With Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon