Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the Olivier Awards, Periscope, and having a spring clean. So let’s get started.

It has been one of those weeks where time has just flown by and I haven’t really had chance to stop and take things in. The play is coming along well.Rehearsals are going ok and my costume is now organised so it is starting to come together. It is just as well as we perform on 23rd April. Outside of the play my life is pretty quiet I suppose but I still have a lot of things going on personally. I’ll try to talk about them later in this post but it is difficult to do without causing offence but I will give it ago.

Last Sunday it was the Olivier Awards and I watched it on TV last Sunday night. Having had a busy weekend last weekend I was feeling tired but somehow managed to stay awake. I think it is great that these awards are on TV and it is a good chance to watch some performances of shows I wouldn’t normally see/listen to. One of them was the cast of Mrs.Henderson Presents and I now want to see the show. I think I am long overdue a visit to London. In recent years there has been a slow number of theatre productions on TV and I hope more shows feature on TV to make theatre more accessible to audiences.

This week I tried a new social media app. The app is Periscope and the best way of describing it is Twitter version of YouTube. Basically you go on and people can then watch you speak and ask questions/conversations with you. I have tried it a couple of times this weekend but I’m not sure it is working for me. It is an odd experience as you need to start of talking and you know to begin with no one is watching/listening. I am very good at talking to myself but when you see yourself doing it and no one is listening it is very odd and I don’t think I will be doing it again as it made me feel very uncomfortable. Do you use Periscope? If so what do you think of it.

For the last few weeks I have talked about wanting a spring clean in all aspects of my life and this week I have started that. First up I have had a big sort out of my clothes. I haven’t worn it in the last year then it has gone. This has freed up room in my wardrobe and allowed me to sort out what I have kept. My wardrobe is now in order I just need to update some things and my style. I also chucked out a load of fold shoes. I don’t know how it has happened but I never used to have many shoes now I have loads so I needed  big clear out of all my old ones that have holes in. Having a good clear out does make me feel good and it has got me thinking about sorting out the rest of my life as well.

I’ve realised lately I have become more irritable , anxious and self-conscious and have let myself become isolated. I am not doing things with the other people I mean friends. It doesn’t matter if it is at work/after work or at home I am just the same. Why I am letting this happen I don’t know and it has just happened it has been happening over several months. There are various reasons but one is that I don’t have sense of belonging. The things that are part of my life are not areas that others relate to. I’m not a parent and as a large number of friends and colleagues my age are there is a barrier, I’m not one of the lads so don’t get invited to those socials, I’m not one of the girls (for obvious reasons). It is tough trying to put this in writing on here without it causing some of upset. Another blogger I follow posted a blog post this week that partly summed up how I’m feeling but in a much better way than I could.

That’s to for this week. Hopefully I haven’t upset people I just want to clear the air and say what has been on my mind. A lot of it is up to me sort out I know that as I’m the one who has let this happen. From this week I am going to start putting myself first both mentally and physically and get myself back on track and stop hiding away in the shadows.

Top Programme of the Week – The Olivier Awards

Top Song of the Week – If Mountains Were Easy To Climb – Original London Cast of Mrs. Henderson Presents

Book I Am Currently Reading – Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wend