Hi everyone and welcome back to this weeks blog post. I hope it has been a good week for you all. In this weeks blog I will be discussing First Dates (TV show not my life), personal wellbeing , extreme weather and the pressure of the play. So as usual let’s get started.

This week has been one of reflection and hopefully small steps for change have also happened. For the first time in weeks I have made myself stop and catch breath and take things in instead of letting the tempest of thoughts and self-doubt obscure things.

Sometimes we get caught up in the frantic things in our lives and thoughts that we don’t really see what it is doing to us and how we are feeling. This week I met up with someone who didn’t know me that well and they said later on that I had looked stressed. We had met for lunch so it was a relaxed situation and I thought I was but this person obviously saw through this and saw how I was really even if I didn’t think I felt like that. Afterwards I looked at myself in the mirror and could a see very tired looking person looking back and realised I need to start looking after myself and get myself back to a good place. No one else is going to do it for me and I have done it before so I know I can do it again.

Another thing that made reflect on how I am was the TV show ‘First Dates’. I have only recently started watching this show an over the last few weeks it has made realise where I have gone wrong in the past on First Dates. I also realise that before dating you need to be in a good place yourself and that isn’t me at the moment so if I want to start dating I need to get myself back into a good place. How can I ask someone else to start showing love and respect to me when I’m not doing it myself. Some friends have suggested I even go on the show. That ain’t going to happen I’m not going to put myself through that and nobody wants to see me squirm or be brokenhearted on TV.

So after these observations and personal reflections I have started to look after my wellbeing. First of all I have booked some time off work. At the moment I have no plans but at least I have time off and can start to plan things for then. I often let work get in the way of holidays and I need to address that. Also when I’m off work I need to switch off from work as well and remember not to think about it.

Another thing that I have done this week is restart using the Headspace App. I’m not sure how much of an effect it has but I know it means that take 10 minutes out everyday to switch off from everything and focus on my wellbeing and that has to be good thing. I used it in January and I felt good then but stopped in February and March which happened to be when I was feeling low. So I have restarted with it and hopefully I continue each night with this.

I am also trying to get healthy again. A couple of years ago I lost a lot of weight and it meant I was in a good place mentally and physically. Since then I’ve let the good work slip and I need to get back in shape. So healthier eating, smaller portions and more exercise are in order. I can tell myself that I’m out of shape and even had people say so to my face so I need to get back but sensibly.

So there you have it some steps I have taken to sort out my wellbeing. It’s a long road but at least there has been some progress this week. This coming week is going to be busy because of the play on 23rd April so  I need to have these measures in play to help me get through them. Once all the plays are done end of June/beginning of July I can then spend even more time focusing on me.

Last weeks blog post was tough and it may have upset some people but it needed to be said. This week I am moving forward.


Top Programme of the Week – Line of Duty

Top Song of the Week – Upon the North – Eliza and the Bear

Book I Am Currently Reading – Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig