Hi everyone and welcome to this week blog post. Sorry it is a bit late this week but I have been a bit behind due to the play and catching up on things. Anyway I’m here now. This week I will be discussing the weather, Victoria Wood, Queen’s 90th Birthday and Shakespeare. So let’s get started.

The weather last week was really nice and it had a big influence on my mood and wellbeing. I know it is stating the obvious but when the weather is nice it puts you in a good mood. It made it easier to go for a walk at lunchtime and all of this has helped me my wellbeing this week. I hope I can continue this momentum now the weather is changing.

This week there was the sad news about deaths of both Prince and Victoria Wood. I wasn’t a big fan of Prince so I can’t really comment too much on this but Victoria Wood was someone who I I was a fan of. I think what shocked people was that no one knew she was ill and she was young. 62  is no age nowadays. Victoria Wood was huge talent. She could write, act, produce, perform, sing. She was an all-rounder and with it very humble. She never did things for publicity she them because she wanted to. I will always remember her performing the song Barry and Freda on TV.

As child normally things like I wouldn’t be allowed to watch (it was the 80’s after all) but Victoria Wood was acceptable. It was done in such a clever way that it was alright to watch. I have never been able to think of a hostess trolley or Womans Weekly in the same  way since. Dinnerladies was another TV show that was brilliant. It showed Victoria Wood at her very best. She took the everyday working environment and made into something that told a story and had comedy and tragedy all rolled up together. There were only 16 episodes  but even to this day they are still funny. Another show that she did was Housewife 49. This focussed on the real life story of Nella Last from her diaries. It was a very moving TV show and I remember the scene where she realises her son is gay  but doesn’t say it to him as such. That scene was so moving and heartbreaking especially as at the time of watching it I wasn’t out . When I heard Victoria Wood had died I felt bereft. On the train home I listened to the song Barry & Freda on repeat and then when I got home I listened to the audio version of Dinnerladies. Than you Victoria Wood for all the work you did.

On Thursday it was the Queen’s 90th Birthday. As usual official photo’s were released to celebrate the occasion. What is striking is that they showed her as a grandmother/great-grandmother and not as monarch. we forget that she has a private life and it was fitting that she celebrated with private party for family and friends. Last month my Great Uncle Bill was also 90 and all he wanted for his 90th was a family meal. He still won’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed it and it has been weeks later.

Finally on Saturday it was 400 years since William Shakespeare died. I have done a special blog post talking about why Shakespeare means a lot to me. To mark the event I was involved in a production of Hamlet at Darlington Library. It was a long day as we essentially did there shows. One was a full dress rehearsal on the morning and the we did a show on the afternoon and then one on the evening. It was very tiring but good fun. It’s a pleasure acting with such a great bunch of people and I am sure that in the future some of them will be successful actors so it is an honour to have performed opposite them. If you came to see the show then thank you so much it means a lot to everyone involved. What the anniversary has made me realise is that I need to see more Shakespeare. I have been involved in performing Shakespeare for the last four years but I haven’t been to see any for a very long time. As the song from Kiss Me Kate goes I need to “brush up my Shakespeare”.

So that is it for this week. I will be back again next week.

Top Programme of the Week – The A Word

Top Song of the Week – Barry & Freda – Victoria Wood

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas