Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. Once again it is a bit delayed this week so apologies for this. Like many things going on in my life I need to give this blog a bit of tlc as I have been neglecting it. This week I will be discussing winter weather in spring, wellbeing, step challenge, Inspirapril, Starbucks ordering , the new Dr Who Companion and Legally Blonde. So let’s get started.

First of all thank goodness it is now May. April is always one of those months that I struggle with so glad it is over for another year. This last week though hasn’t been my best as I have been full of cold and this has meant even simple tasks become too much hassle for me. When we are ill we always feel rubbish about ourselves and when I’m ill it means all my doubts and insecurities run amuck making me feel worse. I tried fighting them by looking for good things but I struggled as the whole household seems to be down in some way even the cat (she has hurt leg so been limping a bit).

The weather hasn’t helped in the last week either as we seem to have had more snow in the last week than we did all winter. Walking to and from the train station in the wet and cold when you are feeling lousy anyway doesn’t help your mood or wellbeing so this added to my week been a bit of a write off. Hopefully some nicer weather will be on the way sometime soon.

So overall a crap week on the wellbeing front. It has felt as if the last few weeks have finally caught up with me and I have a crashed this week. Someone said to me this week did I need a hug. Now I am not huggy person (friends and family know this) but I nearly accepted as I felt so bad. The thing that stopped me was I was worried it would make me cry and I wasn’t sure if I would stop (sounds bit extreme saying it now but at the time I genuinely felt like that). This last week has made realise that just like this blog I have neglected myself and I thought it was all OK but in reality it wasn’t/isn’t and I need to put some more effort into being me.

The one thing that pushed me through last week was a step challenge that I was doing with some colleagues who also have Fitbits. There was a challenge ‘Workweek Hustle’ to see who could do the most steps. I thought I would struggle as I had the Monday off work but I stuck at it and even in the terrible weather I made an effort to get outside at lunchtime and walk. It helped me get through the week and sort some things out in my head. I wasn’t doing it to win the challenge (although I did win!) it was more to get a bit more active. At one point last week when I was low I was out walking at lunch time and was going to sit down and have ‘a bit of moment’ but then a fellow competitor in the challenge came along and I pulled myself together and kept going. So far this Fitbit is proving to be a great investment for me.

Now that April is over it means that the InspirApril challenge on Instagram is also over. Last year when I took part in the challenge I found it really uplifting and it had a positive outcome on me as a person. This year though with so much going on in April and my current state of wellbeing I found it a struggle and at times painful because it made me realise that there is a lot of good missing in my life. Instead of looking in a mirror , each day I was taking a square picture of something in my life and it didn’t always rest good with me.  This just proves that I need to sort things out in my life and that next April if the challenge is happening there will be more positive things in my life.

After posting last weeks blog post I realised that I forgot to discuss a couple of things. They were Bill the new Dr Who companion and the opportunity to order my Starbucks coffee in advance with no queueing. So first Bill the new Dr Who companion. She is played by Pearl Mackie and will join the Doctor in the new series next year. There was a brief interview with her where she seems to laugh at everything which I am hoping is just a mix of nerves and excitement and she will settle down quickly otherwise it will become irritating. What is interesting is that she hasn’t watched the show so knows very little about the type of things she will encounter. This could be good and add a fresh perspective to the long running show or it could alienate Whovians who like companions to be fans of the show. Time will tell how she does.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that Starbucks in Durham now has the facility to accept mobile ordering. This means When I get off the train in Durham I place my order for my coffee and when I walk in the store I just go to the counter and collect. No more queuing behind groups of annoying sixth formers wanting frapuccino’s. I just click and collect. It’s great and has been really useful. The downside is that I miss morning chats with the barista’s.

Although I was feeling rough all week (still do actually) I did go to see Legally Blonde at Darlington Civic Theatre. It was the latest production by Darlington Operatic Society. I have seen a number of their shows and they are always great and this was no exception. What let it down for me were audiences members talking all the way through except when their friend/family member was on stage and they shouted support. From my experience it is nice to have people you know in the audience but I would be upset if they talked all the way through disturbing it for other audience members. The cast and crew for the show have worked on the production for months and months so it isn’t a lot to ask to keep quiet for a bit and then talk in the interval. It seems to happen more at the theatre nowadays but especially with local productions such as the Operatic Society. Anyway back to the show I did enjoy it. I went with no expectations  as I have never seen the film. I now understand certain references now so it was also a bit of an education. Well done again to all involved in the show. I also realised that it is very likely that it is the last thing I will see at Darlington Civic Theatre before the refurbishment starts at themed of the month. It will be a loss while it is shut but I also want to see it restored and hopefully secure for the future. It is a great theatre with great staff and it gets some great shows.

Well that is it for this weeks blog. Sorry for the lateness. It is another short week this week for me and then I have a week off so hopefully sometime to relax and catch up with stuff then. Let’s hope this week is a better week.

Top Programme of the Week – Line of Duty

Top Song of the Week – Freedom – Beyonce

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas