Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing how I have been this week, Captain America, elections and Jet & Ben. So let’s get started.

In last weeks blog post the events of the previous week along with my own emotional state and a head cold had got to me and I tried to make sense of everything in last weeks blog. A week later and my cold is better although it is still lingering a bit, my cat seems to be walking ok now, parents are just the same so 2 out of 4  or 1.5 out of your isn’t too bad as it is an improvement after all. My mental wellbeing though needs more tlc though. I think I need more time to deal with this and try to start being happy with myself. As the saying goes when you are going through hell just keep going.

This week  I went to see the film Captain America: Civil War. Out of all the Marvel film franchises the Captain America films are my favourite. However despite this I approached this movie with an open mind as it featured most of the Avengers and deals with a split between them. Interesting then that this was a Captain America film and not the next Avengers film. The film encourages the viewer to take a side and although both sides views are discussed the fact that it is a Captain america film means you are encouraged to be Team Rogers. The oil was good though and it was nice to see some new faces to the Avengers. There was one exception though and that was Spiderman. The latest reboot of the character and the first to feature in a Marvel film thanks to permission from Sony is a concern for me. Tom Holland is how do I say this annoying as hell in the film. He is like an excitable puppy but becomes very irritating very very quickly. At least I know I won;t be seeing the new Spiderman films when they are released. Paul Rudd was a good addition as Ant Man and I now want to watch the Ant Man film. Overall the film was good but a tad too long.

This week there were various election around the country. Some places had local elections, there were Police Commissioner elections, and mayoral elections. There were also election the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament. Where I live it was just the Police Commissioner elections. Nationally everyone was expecting Labour to badly and were ready to attack Jeremy Corbyn. Nut the results were not as bad as everyone thought so the media seemed  a bit annoyed that they could attack Corbyn. Now I am not a Corbyn fan and as a Labour member I am not totally convinced about him as leader. However he has a large mandate to be leader and isn’t even a year into the job and things take time and he should be given more time to work on things. There are elections next year and I think that is when his success should looked at. However he should be doing more. He is very quiet on the EU Referendum and should be showing a more united front with other key figures in the Remain campaign, I also feel he is focussed on the South more. This could be because the North is largely Labour so he wants to focus on the South where future gains could be made but I am not sure. Hopefully over the next year he will ease these concerns and settle into the role more.

Finally at work this week the local police dogs Jet and Ben came to visit as part of a campaign work were doing. Now I was a little puzzled because when I was at school Jet and Ben would come to visit and we would have a talk bout not talking to strangers or taking drugs etc. I’m 35 now and I know dogs don’t live that long. Apparently they replace them but just call them the same names. IT shattered the illusion and also brough back upsetting memories from being told my dead goldfish was buried in the garden when in fact it had been flushed down the toilet. What is it with adults lying when it comes to the truth about animals. Apparently the current Jet is called Bart. Putting this bombshell to one side it was a good event and they even let you dress up as police officers. IMG_6932I think I enjoyed this more than seeing the dogs. I felt as if I was auditioning for Line of Duty. Looking at the photo I am not hopeful. The reaction to this picture on social media though was not what I expected. All I got was “never mind you where are the dogs?”. So much for people liking a man in uniform. I suppose after a few weeks of feeling low there is some sense of irony in spending time with an actual black dog.

Right that is it for this week. I am off work this week so hoping to catch up on sleeping sort myself out a bit. Thanks to everyone who has put up with me over the last few weeks.

Top Programme of the Week – The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Rose – Henry VI part 1

Top Song of the Week – Unbroken – Birdy

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas