Wow it is blog time again. It certainly does come around very quickly. I’m hoping to give the blog a bit more tlc in the coming weeks as I haven’t been putting as much into as I should. Anyway this week I will be discussing how I have been feeling, IDAHOT Day, Mental Health Awareness Week, Fitbit and emoji’s.

So after a week off I was back at work this week. It was good to be busy again and my desk wasn’t too much of a mess after getting back so not a bad start to the week. I haven’t felt too bad this week even though there are lots of things demanding my attention in all aspects of my life. The Fitbit challenge has helped take my mind off things a bit and made me get more fresh air.

This week it was IDAHOT Day (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia). It was great to see so many places around Durham displaying the rainbow flag in support as it does mean a lot to someone who is LGBT as it sends the message that you are not on your own. I do feel a bit anxious when talking about IDAHOT Day because I worry I get the spelling wrong. There are many different but accepted versions these are IDAHO, IDAHOT, IDAHOBIT. The message behind all these three versions is the same but include different sexualities. I worry I use the wrong one and cause offence. As someone who looks after the Staff LGBT network where I work I feel ashamed I don’t know which to use or not use. For me the most important think is that I help spread the message that as a society we can not tolerate homophobia in any of its forms. No matter how inoffensive you think some words are they are hurtful so words or phases such as ‘bent’, “that’s so gay”, “puff” etc are not acceptable and hurtful. The good thing though about IDAHOT Day is that it allows people to have a conversation about LGBT issues. I had people talk to me about seeing the rainbow flag above the Castle in Durham and they thought it was great to see and it is. It give me pleasure talking about LGBT issues although I know I have a lot to learn about LGBT History etc if I can help explain what it means to be LGBT to others whatever their sexuality.

The theme for this years IDAHOT Day was Mental Health and Wellbeing. This ties in very well with Mental Health Awareness Week which was also last week. Studies have shown that if you are LGBT then you have a high chance of having anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The exact number is not known as some people don’t wish to disclose their sexuality to anyone even a doctor. Homophobia can be the cause of this but there are many other factors. coming to terms with your sexuality is tough and can make you feel depressed. When I was coming to terms with my sexuality I was a mess, I was scared, angry, and tired from living a lie. I’m not a confident person anyway and have many insecurities and these combined with coming to terms with my sexuality made me difficult to be around. Thankfully I had some great friends and family who didn’t run off even though I pushed them away, they just came back and made me address the issue. Coming out made a lot of this pressure go away but I still have bad days with anxiety and low confidence and this is why I firmly believe we should all about mental health issues more whatever sexuality you are.

When did you last make time to sit and talk/listen with someone?

Time to talk
Time to talk

If we all stop right now and think about the people in our lives I am sure you can think of at least one person who needs that time to talk be listened to. It might even be you who needs it. We live in a world of social media where it is easy to put a status up about how you are feeling and for others to simply like or send a sad face and that’s it. I’m guilty of doing this and if we are honest  we all are in some way. So this week I challenge you to stop and think and make contact with someone you just want to remind that you are there if they need a chat. Arrange that coffee date, go for a meal, invite them other for a movie night, have lunch. Whatever it is it is worth doing. If the person doesn’t want to do anything then don’t be put off keep the option open and ask another time. The fact you made the offer can sometime be enough to start clearing the fog in the person’s mind.

This week I was feeling the pressure on the Workweek Hustle step challenge on my Fitbit. Up until this week I had won the challenge three weeks running or should that be stepping. Anyway it has made me realise that actually I’m a bit competitive and was determined to keep the title of  champion for one more week. I think others in the challenge are a little frustrated with me winning as they all upped their games again this week and it was touch and go whether I was going to win this week. I did manage to win but only just. It is certainly making me more active but I m not sure how I feel about being so competitive. Also I am really tired and my legs are aching so not sure how long I can keep this up. I might have to slow down for one week and give others a chance and my legs time to rest.

One final note – Emoji’s . I have heard a few people this week discussing what their mostDisappointed Face emoji used emoji is. Now I don’t use too often but it made me look to see what mine was and it is disappointed  face. I think this needs to change ad I need to use some happier emoji’s. What is you most used emoji ?


Well that is it for me this week. I hope you have a good week and maybe even find the time to talk a friend or relative who needs a bit of support. But for now it is bye for now.

Oops! One last thing I am performing next weekend in Hamlet again. If you didn’t see the performance int he library then you have a mother chance to do so. Details of show and how to buy tickets can be found at this website.


Top Programme of the Week – The Hollow Crown – Richard III

Top Song of the Week – Flesh and Blood – The Choir for the Invictus Games and Gareth Malone

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge