Back from a social media and blogging break here is this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing Durham Pride, social media break, Prosecco celebrations, official start to summer and turtle figures. So let’s get started.

So for about 10 days I had a social media break. This included the reduced version of last weeks blog post as well. So why did I have a break? I suppose it was for a number of reasons. I had thought about having one for a month or so but was finding it tough to do. However I soon found things were getting to me and although there is a lot of good with social media when you have low days any insecurities and bad feelings you have feed off social media and make things tougher. I was having a bit of a bad time and I realised I needed the social media break (won’t go into details here). I wasn’t sure how long I was going to do it for. I decided to just see how I felt each day and when ready I would come back on. I changed my profile picture and did a short post on here to say I was taking a break and that was it. I have to admit I may have glanced one or twice on social media but apart from that I managed it. I found it quite satisfying as it took away pressure of feeling that I had to announce what I was doing or feeling at that moment. It sounds cheesy but I could ‘breathe’ for the first time in a while. Yesterday (Saturday) I felt ready to come back. The storm I was putting up with has eased so I am ready to join in with the world again.

While having the social media break I did a lot of thinking and I need to get myself back on track. I have been out of sync with myself for a long time and need to look after myself both physically and mentally.  I haven’t been good at stopping and taking a break for myself. Any time off I have had has mainly been for a play or something else. I haven’t had break away from everything. I struggle to do this as I feel guilty for having time to myself when in fact I need it. I might have to try and book another weekend away sometime soon. I also need to start being more sociable again as I have isolated myself over recent months which has just made me even more miserable. This last week there were glimmers of progress with this and I hope I can build on this to get back to where I was a few years ago.

On Bank Holiday Monday it was Durham Pride. This is the third year of Durham Pride and it just  gets bigger every year. 13329593_10101519658524543_8493309950735941732_oThere was the parade again and this year more entertainment including some acts people have heard of including the Cheeky Girls, Basshunter, Lucy Spraggan and two members of SCLub (Jo and Bradley). It was another great turn out and what was really good to see were families taking part many of whom had been the previous year and wanted to come again. It was a great day although I couldn’t stay all day due to rehearsals that night I did manage to see the Cheeky Girls. I look forward to next years Durham Pride and you never know I might even go to Newcastle Pride this year. 13394033_10101519658858873_7663054364201835338_n

This week I received a recent eBay purchase. I’m not a big eBay user but do check it occasionally particularly for items from my childhood. Like many teenagers I was made to get rid of my old toys and books and usually passed them on to some family member or sold at a car boot. Now looking back I regret parting with so many and would like to have some token items again. Unfortunately many seem to be very expensive now particularly He-Man and some Turtle stuff. However I did manage to get a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtle figure of Donatello.13323195_10101519740620023_1015324730525049884_o He was quite cheap and had all accessories. He arrived this week and as soon as I had hold of him all those memories came back. I am so pleased I have managed to get one. Now I just have to find a good condition and reasonable priced He-Man with Battlecat.

This week it was the start of June and the start of the meteorological summer. Typically this was marked by heavy rain and I hope this isn’t an indication of how summer is going to be. I really can’t believe its June though and I know this is making me sound old but it feels earlier in the year. It is as if the year is out of sync with the seasons just as I am with my physical and mental wellbeing. Lets hope summer comes along soon.

Finally at work this week many students have finished their exams. I know this for two reasons. There are fewer people around at work and the streets of Durham seem to be full of students drinking out of bottles of Prosecco. Each year I usually see some but only a few. This year sales of Prosecco in the Durham area must be sky-high and no wonder there is a shortage world-wide. It certainly does seem to be the way to celebrate finishing exams. It made me think back to how I celebrated finishing uni? I didn’t have may exams as most of my work was assignments throughout the year. I remember celebrating finishing my 1st year with a Sara Lee Chocolate Gateaux from the Student shop for 99p I think it was (maybe £1.99) but that was as exciting as I got in first year. Thinking to my last year though I think I celebrated by first of all going to Newcastle and buying some Star Wars figures from Forbidden Planet and then going out with house mates for one last night out in Sunderland. I’m not even sure Prosecco was invented then anyway (people had only just discovered Google never mind Prosecco). Anyway it just struck me this week that and the smell of it in the air as I walked past them.

Well that is it for this week. It is good to be back blogging especially as it means no more terrible drawings (sorry for that). Until next time it is bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Mum

Top Song of the Week – Dancing on my Own – Callum Scott

Book I Am Currently Reading – Macbeth by William Shakespeare