Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I hope you have all had a good week. I have had a good week overall this week. In the blog post today I will be discussing the plays, commuting woes, Euro 2016 and book bingo. So let’s get started.

Going to start first though with how I have been this week. I haven’t been too bad this week and I’m hoping that I have turned a corner and that the storm clouds I was dealing with have now moved on. I feel as if things have changed or are about to. I know that sounds silly but I have felt like this before and it is usually right in some way. Things are not perfect but they have settled a bit and I am learning to refocus back on the main things in life rather than let the little niggles draw away my attention and get me down. What has helped this week though is seeing some friends achieve goals and get recognition that they deserve.

Moving on though I have had a few commuting woes. I think this is mainly because the commute after almost 11 years is becoming a bit tiring and I seem to have managed to calculate the minimum amount of time that I need to get to the station usually involving a mad dash and resulting me only just making the train and leaving me out of breath (need to sort fitness out). What does make the commute bearable though is my iPod. Steve Jobs thank you from saving me from other people on my commute. That might sound selfish but let’s be honest if you commute on public transport you do resent other people near you and certainly don’t interact (unless you are the mothering group on my train). Anyway back to the story. I was running late, later than normal and my mad sprint was needed for most of the way to the station. I decided not to put my headphones in when I left the house as I didn’t have time. I make it to the station to find my train was delayed and this means really busy train once it does arrive. No panic I thought I can just sit and listen my iPod. The problem though was that in my haste I had left my  iPod at home. Mild panic now set in (ok I exaggerate a bit) as it dawns on me I now face the prospect of an overcrowded train with out anything to keep the outside world out. I did have my iPhone but no headphones so that wasn’t a socially accepted alternative. So I had to travel without  anything blocking out the outside world. When I got to work I found some old headphones in my desk draw. I’m not sure why I left them there sot makes me think I may have dropped them and didn’t want them back in my ears but I couldn’t be sure and I was desperate so I used them in the way home on my iPhone.

Another thing that happened on my commute this week albeit a different day was that saw Peter Hitchens (political journalist) in Starbucks. I recognised him instantly as he is often on Question Time and I class him on my annoying guest list for the show (others on the list include Warsi, Farage, Starkey and most Tories but not all). I also recognised him from about 20 years ago when he interviewed my Dad at our house it’s a long story why but it was to do with politics on a local and national level and my school at the time (apparently he was just passing our house as you do in a cul-de-sac). Because of this I don’t like the guy so was a bit taken aback to see him this far north. I’m not sure if he recognised me (very unlikely he did) but I certainly recognised him. I still don’t know why he was in Durham.

It is still all go with the plays at the moment. Trying to keep 2 Shakespeare plays alive in my head is a challenge but I think I am making progress. The performances are at the end of the month so   there is only a few weeks to go. I’m sure it will all work out ok I just need to work on my “manly readiness” whatever that is. I will be glad to  have break though once they are over as I have a lot to get sorted this year.

Euro 2016 has now started and this means a number of things. First TV schedule goes out of the window. Second the office sweepstake. Thirdly England flags are everywhere for the few weeks England is in the competition (as I type England are still in). Finally we think back to Euro 96 and what could have been. All of this is happening. I have basically given up on watching live TV this week and just watching iPlayer/Netflix/Now Tv or Amazon Prime so I can watch He-man and She-Ra. I do like the office sweepstake and this year I have Romania. The chances of winning a prize for them winning the competition are slim but I might win in one of the other categories ‘Wooden Spoon – worst overall’, ‘Biggest Hammering’, ‘The Dirtiest Team – card wise not how much mud they get on their strip’ and lastly ‘The Thunderbastard – the longest distance goal scored’. I also get a little flag to sit on my monitor at work. IMG_7144On the subject of flags I have no England flags up and have no intention of doing so as it just looks tacky having a England flag hanging out of your window. Finally the reminising has started to Euro 96 and what might have been. Three Lions is still being played with occasional variation of Vindaloo. Just get over it. We lost and are likely to lose again this year on penalties it’s just what we do.

This week I was reading Savidge Reads blog (my favourite book blog) and came across Book Bingo. The site he found is aimed at summer reading I believe but it could be all year round. It is a great way to try new books. I am going to give it ago starting with my next read. Here is my Book Bingo card.

Book Bingo

Feel free to use this bingo card or use the link to get your own card. It would be great to hear how you do and what books you read so let me know. I will try to update you on my progress too.

Finally I just wanted to say a few words about the terrible news from Orlando. I’m still lost for words and at the moment any attempt by me to write in details bout my thoughts on this would be a struggle. What I want to say is that nobody should be persecuted/abuse/hurt because of their sexuality/religion/race etc. We are all humans and should be allowed to love who we want and be able to show that love in public. The theme to London Pride this year is “No Filter“. The campaign is asking the LGBT community to live your life as you. This is because many LGBT+ people feel that they need to filter their behaviour, to self censor , to hide who they are. We are all at our best when we can be ourselves. This campaign is even more important this year than ever. I’m guilty of filtering myself and I need to relax and be myself. Filtering the fact you are gay can be good and bad. Obviously it depends on the situation at the time and your safety is the most important thing and that has to be the main decision but sometimes it is ok to be yourself especially with friends and family. So if you are LGBT try to be yourself a bit more where you can. If you are not LGBT then try to talk to your LGBT friends and family about how they are feeling following the shooting in Orlando or ask questions about LGBT issues you didn’t know.

That is it for this week. Sorry for the lateness of the blog post but rehearsals have kept me busy and the news from Orlando has knocked me a bit.  I still have my EU referendum blog post to write and if I can find the right words I want to talk more about LGBT issues following recent events.

Top Programme of the Week – Versailles

Top Song of the Week – Queen – Princes of the Universe

Book I Am Currently Reading – Macbeth by William Shakespeare