Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. I think it is fair to say that this last week has been a very sad week for everyone and has shown the worst in people although there has been glimmers of goodness as well and I hope to highlight that in this post. This week I will be discussing Darlington Library, London and EU Referendum. So let’s begin and Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers reading this.

You may have noticed I didn’t mention discussing the Orlando shooting as something I would discuss. The reason I haven’t is that I have talked about how it has made me feel in a special post that I did the other day.

Because of the events of the week I have not been myself. I have been reflecting on how events have made me feel. This last week ha same me realise that I need to live my life more and be myself as that is what matters the most at the end of the day and is what can change things around us.

This week I heard news that the plans to save Darlington Library in Crown Street appear to have failed and in the next few weeks this will be approved and the library service reduced and moved into the corner of a leisure centre. I am very angry about this as it appears the Council had no intention of saving Crown Street. They have said moving it into the leisure centre will secure the future of the Dolphin Centre. This is because the library service is a protected service and by law has to be provided. The leisure centre is not protected so by moving a protected services into a non protected service building you are protecting the non protected service. It is like using a human shield and is morally wrong. The sad thing is I’m not surprised of the outcome as having listened to the Council it was clear they don’t care about the library or understand what a library service is. You just need to watch the You Tube video to see this and my library friends will know what I mean when they watch it. I do feel deflated and angry but unless there is some miracle then I can’t see it being saved and another part of my town will have disappeared.

This week with work I was in London for the day for a conference. It was a great day and good to see some new library professionals in the same area as me. Events like this are also a good way of reminding me of why I love library work as when you get like-minded professionals together that enthusiasm and love for the profession in a way makes you stop and look at what you do and realise that you do a lot of good work. As well the various talks and presentations it was also nice to be in London. Although I have ‘work in London’ on my Bucket List I think the reality of it happening is getting slimmer so this is probably as close as I will get. Although if I had use Russell Square Tube station everyday I am not sure how much I would want to work in London. 13466479_10101535622622363_4539767412441551213_nThis was the Tube station I arrived at and went to leave the station. I noticed a very long queue for the lifts. I just thought everyone was being lazy when there were stairs you could use. Having took the stairs that seemed to go on for eternity I now know why there was a queue. I am classing that as my workout for the day anyway. I do however like the Tube. It might sound weird but I like smell and there is something reassuring and pleasing about the “Mind The Gap” announcement although I think it has changed from when I was last there in 2013. Can any London readers confirm this? The conference finished a bit earlier than expected so I had a small amount of time before having to get my train back so I saw a little bit of London which was quite nice.

Finally I want to touch briefly on the EU Referendum. I am still hoping to find time to write a special post about it but not sure when I will get around to it so I want to take this opportunity to state my position on it. I believe the UK should remain in the EU. Now I know the EU is not perfect and there are things that to be looked and reviewed but change can only come about if we are in it. Just because things are tough doesn’t mean you walk away and let friends down and that is what the UK would be doing if we left. One argument people are using to leave is that the EU isn’t democratic. The UK Parliament is made up of 2 houses. The House of Commons totally elected and 650 members. The House of Lords is not elected and has 800 members including 92 hereditary peers. The House of Lords decides what becomes law and what doesn’t and is not elected this is not democratic and should be changed so before we falsely accuse the EU of not being democratic lets remember this and that in 2014 during the last European Elections only 35.60% of UK people eligible to vote did. Lets change our voting system and encourage others to vote more before telling others to change.. The European Parliament is elected and has 751 MEP’s. I could go on and will do as the EU Referendum is about more than one topic but will save it for my special blog post on the EU Ref. What I will say is that I believe we are better together and that is a decision I have come to. Of course I want as many people to vote remain but if you want to leave and have reached that decision by looking at all arguments then that is your right and is what democracy should be about.

This last week has shown the worst in human behaviour and as a society we all need to stop and think about our actions and the effect they have on others. when bad things happen if you look hard enough there is alway some good to be found such as someone helping the injured, comforting people of people coming together to show solidarity like they did with the vigils for Orlando. This good is what we need to remember.

Let’s hope this next week is a happier week for everyone.

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