OK so the EU Referendum is almost upon us and like many voters I have a decision to make whether the UK should remain or leave the EU. Without doubt my position is remain and I am going to explain why. I’m not trying to force you to change your mind I just want to explain why I believe remain is the right decision and that your decision is more than just one topic.

I was going to go though each topic in the argument one by one but if you want that type of information then read one of the many news websites that has done this for you. Instead I will put my view in my own words.

I have lived in the UK for 35 and a bit years (all my life) and for the first time in my life I am being asked one question “Should the UK remain in the EU?” But actually it asking more than that. It is asking how do I see myself, am I British, English, European, citizen of the World or something else. It is also asking what type of world do I want to live in? Do I want a world where we just look after ourselves or one where we work together even when times are tough, a world where we meet new people and learn new things.

So the question on the ballot it bigger than one question or one topic or issue. With so many questions to answer I should be conflicted and not sure of what I want but when I stop and think things through then I keep coming back to the fact we are better together. Like any relationship whether that is a business relationship or a friendship we know at times things will be tough and tense and in those moments we just want to walk away but we don’t we see it through and from that we move forward. Yes the relationships may have changed but they are still there because we didn’t walk away when things got tough. The EU isn’t perfect and maybe our current relationship isn’t what we want it to be but that doesn’t mean we should walk away. We need to work at and make it better. If we walk away that door and bridge is gone and there maybe a time in the future we need them and we haven’t got them for support.

Events around the world in the last week or so have shown the World at its worst. We have caused hurt and suffering because of fear and wanting someone to blame for some reason or another. How did we come to this? Why have we let ourselves be so hurtful to others just because we think they are different. Some of the rhetoric by the Leave campaign has contributed to this hostile environment. If you want to leave the EU then that’s your choice but don’t use your personal fear and prejudice of to try to influence other people and divide communities. There is no place for that in society. This is why I vote to remain because  we are stronger together and more in common than we realise.

I also believe we shouldn’t be having this referendum. We elect Parliament to make tough decisions because they should be the experts on things like this not the average person in the street. But we do have a referendum and this is partly down to the Conservative Party once again creating a civil war in their Party. If they want to have that fight amongst themselves then so be it I don’t care. Europe has always been the Achilles heel of the Tory Party and is proving to be yet again. What I do resent though is that the security and future of the entire country is being put at risk just because the Conservatives are all fighting to become Prime Minister. That’s not on and not right and for this reason we should remain.

Another reason why I want to remain is I am looking at the bigger picture for the United Kingdom and it’s place in the world. Depending on the result it could mean the Union is also put at risk. Nicola Sturgeon has already said that if Scotland vote to remain and the overall verdict is leave she will push for another independence referendum and this time they may leave the union. I don’t want to risk the future of the United Kingdom in this way.

For me the only logical answer to vote remain but if you like me have thought about things and decided differently then that’s your right. The only thing I will ask is that you go out and vote. Not voting is not you trying to prove a point or be clever. Our future is depending on the vote so take the time and go and vote.